We Love: Fundamental Agreement Luxury
By Samuel Trotman

We came across Fundamental Agreement Luxury at the recent Bread & Butter trade show, always a showcase for emerging niche brands into the European market.

Jul 31, 2013


We came across this brand at the recent Bread & Butter trade show, always a showcase for emerging niche brands into the European market. Despite its long name, Fundamental Agreement Luxury (FDMTL for short) is a fantastic brand, with a store based in theĀ Nakameguro area of Tokyo and we can’t wait to visit it next time we’re there!

This unique denim brand belongs to Gaku Tsuyoshi, creating mostly denim and casualwear garments for the men’s market, made in the holy-grail of Japan’s denim industry, Okayama. what stands out most is the amazing attention to detail and unmistakable Japanese laundries. Stand-out items for F/W 13 include fabric-blocked chore jackets and shop coats, camo shirts and aprons, and vintage, repaired denim 5-pocket pants.

We’re sure you’re all wondering about that brand name? The website states: FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT = having a basic agreement with our customers to provide them with quality product. Our promise. LUXURY = suggests that our product is a cut above the rest in every which way. Well we’d certainly agree with those statements!

Check out the charming video below to see how some of the products are made, subtitle translations below:

The shuttle runs the weft yarn through the warp at 2250 threads.
An old-fashioned loom can only produce 40 meters of denim fabric per day.
That’s only enough for 16 pairs of denim pants.

The room is surrounded by the sweet sounds of the antique sewing machines.
When the denim is being sewn its like playing a musical instrument.
The sensitive touch of a fingertip. The sounds of sewing machines. Real thorough.

The vintage processing techniques will put new life into the product.
The usage of many tools
by the skilled hands of the artisans
give birth to our proud products.

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