Want to design an office space that breeds creativity?

Advertising agency 72andSunny believe getting the workspace right for the team acts as a multiplier for ideas and innovation.

If you are an award winning creative agency like 72andSunny, it makes sense to obsess about designing work environments from which the best ideas and concepts will emerge, so where do they get their cues? Well, surprisingly Star Trek figures fairly highly.

Agency Founder and CEO, Jon Boiler admits to being a bit of a Trekkie, but he is deadly serious when he references the bridge on Starship Enterprise, as a good place to start if you make a great, collaborative work environment.

“All the specialists are all together, the officers, the scientists and the engineers. Working together in unison and in the moment, that’s just the best way to foster a creative process.”

When the business, named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Co, sat different skillsets and functions together rather than in teams, it found it was working up ideas more rapidly.

Boiler added: “We design our space for what we call creative collision. We try and bring in or infuse the space with elements of unfamiliarity and we bring in outside influences a lot to disrupt the patterns that we fall into at work, because those patterns become ruts.”

72andSunny has spent a lot of time analysing how it can optimise their work environments for creativity. Its research even goes down to just how many square foot is the optimum amount per person. The answer is apparently 142 sq. ft.  

Boiler told Cannes Lions: “Don’t ask me why, but that number just kept coming up as we honed this process down,” adding  “any more and you lose the buzz, any less and it gets depressing, like rats on a ship.” 

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