The Vision 2019: The most influential macro trends for next year

Twice a year, the trend experts at WGSN gather to identify the political, economic, artistic, and socio-cultural movements that will impact everything from how we shop, to how we eat and communicate. 

Over the course of 6 months, the Vision macro trends are interpreted into 200 forecasts for 16 sectors that empower WGSN members to future-proof their products and services.

For 2019, in times of extremism and uncertainty, we are seeing powerful reactions to events around the globe. Our job is to cut through the chaos, open up dialogues and propose solutions for the future. It’s time to be proactive.

Creative Manifesto

In a world where people are clamouring for truth and transparency, the urge to be different, to be heard, and to make an impact will intensify – both above and underground. Creativity and self-expression will become increasingly essential skills, and should be encouraged in business and design as a weapon for change.

The best strategy will be to push outside the comfort zone and inspire action.


Common Ground

For better or worse, the current political landscape will have lasting effects on globalisation well beyond 2019. In a time of deglobalisation, many consumers and countries will turn away from the world economy and focus on domestic growth. At the same time, many people will seek to connect both locally in real life and globally through social media.

It’s time to find new allies and new markets.


In Touch

In a time of constant change, consumers swing between obsessively tracking their personal data, social media and the news to wanting to opt out entirely. One thing is for sure, by next year people will want to get back in touch with the things that touch them, both emotionally and physically, including sexuality, moods, microbes and food.

2019 will be about designing for feelings, as we enter a new emotional era.

Chroma Yoga


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