Vanity Fair's 68th Annual Well-Born List!

Vanity Fair’s September Style Issue features the magazine’s 68th Annual International Best-Dressed List- women, men, couples (kill me), fashion professionals, fashion originals and additions to the Hall of Fame. Largely, their choices are just short of ridiculous, as this list could also be titled “People Who Dress Well Because They Were Born Into Money,” but whatevs, right? I dipped into Stylesight’s Celebrity Fashion category to find pics of some of the winners, so you can see for yourself who Vanity Fair considers to be the Best-Dressed.

F A S H I O N . P R O F E S S I O N A L S.


Margherita Missoni may come from a family best known for their loud prints, but she always looks understatedly cool.


I just want to push that simpering Tory Burch, maybe into a vat of hot oil or oncoming traffic.

W O M E N.


On the other side of the human spectrum, the awesome force of nature that is Ms. Tilda Swinton!


Charlotte Gainsbourg has a totally charmed life and I’m jealous and want to hate on her, but she always looks so damn nice, like we’d have a great time talking about our shared love of Wes Anderson movies and drinking mint tea. So I can’t.


Bee Schafer always looks presentable, but you would too if ANNA FREAKING WINTOUR was your mother. Honestly, like you’d HAVE any option but looking great, unless you went the total other way in defiance and only wore sweatpants.


Ivanka Trump has a job, an MBA and is not addicted to cocaine. I’ve never seen her ladyparts on the interweb, she’s never been to jail or rehab and she doesn’t dress like a harlot. Surprising AND impressive!


Apparently, if you’re Rene Zellweger all you have to do is wear strapless fishtail dresses all of the time and stick out your bony arms and BAM! You’re on a Best-Dressed list!

C O U P L E S.


Rachel Roy interned for RocaWear where she met and married hip-hop jack-of-all-trades/ banillionaire Damon Dash, who financed her eponymous clothing line. Well played, lady!


Brangelina could wear freshly killed snakes as their only clothing and still look good.


Honestly? Posh and Becks? Best-Dressed? Does Vanity Fair not see that they are ridiculous people? I mean, he usually looks fine but Victoria Beckham? Good people of Vanity Fair, please don’t encourage her!


Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: when’s the last time you saw them apart? Creepily coordinated, but usually well dressed.

H A L L. O F. F A M E.


I like Jemima Khan because of her name. Other than that, she seems like an idiot. A well dressed idiot, but an idiot.


George Clooney just always wears suits and no one really cares, because he is a wonderfully Dapper Older Man, like Rhett Butler or Paul Newman.


This is the Anna I’d rather spend some time with. Anna Piaggi is a madwoman and I love her for it.


Hurrah for Sophia Coppola, who always looks comfy yet polished.

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