Using the Elements: A Kind Of Guise
By Samuel Trotman

German brand A Kind Of Guise releases their 90 Days of Sun, Rain and Wind shirt.

Dec 19, 2012


German apparel brand A Kind Of Guise has come up with a stunning shirt collection using the natural elements to create one of a kind laundries and finishes.

The A Kind Of Guise design team started the brand in 2009 as a student project and they’ve proved that their creative spirit is still going strong with this unique collection of nature-washed shirts. They rolled out several bolts of shirting-weight denim down a hill in Lake Garda, Italy and left the rolls there for 90 days to be exposed to the elements. They call the piece their “90 Days Of Sun, Rain and Wind Shirts

90 Days – a Project by A Kind Of Guise from A KIND OF GUISE on Vimeo.

We originally spied the video on Hypebeast in late October and have been eagerly waiting to see the results. And sure enough, images came out the other day.

And the experiment worked great! Creases and wrinkles in the fabric created fascinating sun-fades and discoloration all down the the fabric. Every item of the collection is numbered and truly one of a kind (no shirt looks like another). The idea is not completely new — we’ve covered GN Therapy when they buried their denims in various locations around the U.S. and when Cheap Monday experimented with this process via their Customized by Nature project. But these are all pre-made garments and it’s interesting to see the process on raw fabric before cut & sew.

The collection is strictly limited to a total of only 100 pieces, so seriously, get one while you still can!

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