Urban Lumberjack

Spotted clearing trees in the wilds of Soho…I am always fascinated by people who really own their look, as if they were born to dress the way they do. He really owns this look I think. If you would like to own it too…chinos and work shirt by UNIS (116 Elizabeth Street, New York, 212.625.3396), vintage jacket, hat from J.J. Hat Center (310 5th Ave., New York, 212.239.4368, since 1911). x – Eddie


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  • Nah – he wears it much more naturally than the people who have adopted this look as a scruffy “hipster costume”. My guess is that he was dressing this way long before it became trendy and will be dressing this way after the trend moves on. Sort of like how fedoras/trilbys are trendy now, but people like Pete Doherty and Paul Simenon who have been wearing them for years still wear them – and will continue to long after the trend passes…Ralph Lauren and his chambray work shirts…Anna Wintour and her bob…I’m fascinated by these people who look like they emerged from the womb with their sense of personal style fully-formed. (FYI – with the exception of trucker hats, I would NEVER stop wearing something that I loved just because clowns adopted it and it became trendy. My thought – hey, I was doing this first, YOU stop wearing it, not me. Thanks to the internet and the glut of fashion mags these days, if we stopped dressing a certain way just because it had been “discovered” by others, well then we would all walk around naked I think. The trick is to take a popular look and make it your own – to really own it.) xo

  • Chelsea

    He looks a lot like my brother actually. You have to have the right demeanor and look to wear those shirts. I see it attempted by many men, and very few of them pull it off. A lot of guys look too ‘hipster’. Girls these days are all wearing the same hipster crap too. They claim to be original, but they wear all the same clothes and only do so because they think they will appear on thecobrasnake.com. I hope that fashion evolves into something this man is portraying. Something that really compliments your personality not just crap that is popular and sold at urban outfitters.

  • Bev

    Well put Eddie!

  • Anonymous

    I think your post is a little contradictory. The whole point of “owning” a look is completely eliminated by informing other people how get the exact same articles of clothing. Finding inspiration in others, or asking where a particularly inspiring piece, one you could use in a unique way, is wonderful. But replicating an outfit kind of sucks

  • Yes but merely getting the exact same articles of clothing only gets you part of the way toward making the look your own. If the look doesn’t suit you or you don’t wear it with the right amount of confidence – you will never own it, it will never look exactly right on you. I think that most people who have great personal style have a certain je ne sais quoi – a certain indescribable or indefinable “something” which distinguishes them from others who are superficially similar. A successful DJ can tell other DJs where he buys his records – but it’s what you do with the records after you leave the store that counts.

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