Immersive Dining: Ultraviolet in Shanghai
By Gemma Riberti

Shanghai’s culinary crowd welcomes the multi-sensory restaurant, Ultraviolet.

May 14, 2013


Shanghai’s culinary crowd welcomes the multi-sensory restaurant, Ultraviolet.

Shanghai-based, internationally renowned chef, Paul Pairet has opened his second restaurant in the Paris-equivalent of the East. The avant-garde chef unites cutting-edge technology and quality cuisine as a total of 56 speakers, high-resolution projectors, dry smell projectors and a wind turbine create a truly immersive experience.

In a restaurant that seats only 10, the lucky few are treated to a twenty-course set menu, with prices starting at 2500 RMB.  With its own “taste-tailored atmosphere”, comprising scents, sounds, projections and music, the experience enriches each course.

The cuisine is a mix of experimentation and comfort; one example is Pairet’s take on fish and chips, in which a British flag illuminates the table while thunderstorm sounds and a soundtrack by The Beatles rings out.

“In the end, it is the feeling, emotion that is evoked by the dish that counts,” explains Pairet.

For more on multi-sensory dining, see our recent Futurist report Scent+Sibility, and our Consumer report of the future of taste, Food Flavors.

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