Redbull Ultra Natural 2013
By Clare Varga

Stylesight shines a light at the 2013 Redbull Ultra Natural snowboarding contest, held at Baldface Lodge in British Columbia.

Feb 20, 2013


Travis Rice is a renaissance man. Not only is he one of the best professional snowboarders on the planet, he is also an individual who takes the reigns and manifests personal visions – case in point with the Redbull Ultra Natural contest. Spearheaded by Rice, the event was held over this past weekend at the majestic venue of Baldface Lodge in Interior British Columbia, Canada, hailing the world’s best snowboarders to compete against each other.

Travis Rice

“This event was created as the highest echelon of competitive snowboarding. It draws on all aspects and a lifetime of accumulated snowboarding skill and knowledge,” says event creator and pro snowboarder Travis Rice. “Entering into its second year at Baldface Lodge, Red Bull Ultra Natural will provide an even further evolved platform for the heaviest continuous lines ever ridden. Now that riders have an idea of what to expect, there is no doubt the governor is coming off.”

DCP – Photo credit: Scott Serfas  

Bryan Fox – Photo Credit: Tim Zimmerman

Gigi Ruf – Photo Credit: Scott Serfas 

Starting with 16 riders atop the run known as “Scary Cherry”, three men in the end took to the podium with Gigi Rüf coming in 1st place, Nicolas Müller in 2nd place and Bryan Fox with 3rd place nods.  Müller additionally won the Best Trick Award stomping “a gigantic mute air over a tree, sending himself nearly 100-feet down the 45+ degree course.”

2nd: Nicolas Muller, 1st: Gigi Ruf, 3rd: Bryan Fox – Photo Credit: Tim Zimmerman

Through the years – first with the 2008 Natural Selection, held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and then last year’s Super Natural which additionally took place at Baldface Lodge in Canada, showcases Rice’s kindred sprit in aggregating a community of snowboarders to not only complete in a natural environment, but share in the love of snowboarding. Who knows what’s next for Travis Rice and his bag of tricks? We’ll certainly be watching!

-Jessica Kaplan

Terje Haakonsen – Photo Credit: Tim Zimmerman


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