Tyler Mitchell: The cultural influencer creating cinematic photography
By Shanu Walpita

Snapping photos on a budget and creating shots that feel distinctly nostalgic, WGSN’s Shanu Walpita reports on this young, rising tastemaker

Dec 31, 2015

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In the age of Instagram apps that brighten and edit pictures, together with the plethora of online after effects editing programmes, you could say that anyone could create a nice photo now, because digital has made it easy.

But to counter that idea, a young, dynamic group of influencers are shunning the over saturated sea of hyper-digi imagery, for a cinematic take on image taking and making.

One of the most notable young influencers is photographer Tyler Mitchell.

While the 20-year-old uses his Instagram to promote his work, it is his classic, reportage style photos that stand out.


In fact his coverage of Cuba and its growing skate subculture features as his most recent subject matter, presented in a cohesively curated book titled El Paquete.


Sun-bleached colours, tropical saturation and energetic street imagery fill the pages of his self-published book and Instagram account.

His images stand out, and the fact that he picked such an interesting topic speaks volumes. His Havana portraits come at a time when the US and Cuban ties continue to be restored, but before the huge tourism boom, it’s a wonderful time to capture the magic of the city on the cusp of change.


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