TRNK Presents: At Home With Frank Muytjens
By Samuel Trotman

Burgeoning design authority TRNK takes a look inside the upstate New York home of J. Crew’s Frank Muytjens.

Dec 19, 2014


Burgeoning design authority TRNK takes a look inside the upstate New York home of J. Crew’s Frank Muytjens.

In line with the brands they masterfully curate, denim designers are known for kitting out their houses as perfectly as their collections. Thanks to a number of glossy mags we’ve had the chance to peek inside the walls of Scott Morrison’s Catskills retreat and dug through the vintage denim collections at Emily Current’s LA home. Earlier this year, burgeoning design authority TRNK took a trip upstate New York Hillsdale, to explore Frank Muytjens rustic weekend cottage.

Much like the J. Crew collections, Frank’s home is as tightly curated and edited as one would expect: vintage drawings hang on white-washed walls, contrasting an assortment of rugs the wooden floors; tables and wire chairs of varying origin clash with – or better yet, balance – each other. As a denim aficionado, Muytjen ensures every room is accented with subtle touches of indigo like his Stephen Kenn denim sofa, scattered pillows made from antique fabrics, or boro blankets laid over white bed sheets. View the full photo set plus an interview with Frank over at TRNK.

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