Top 3 Advantages of Being an Older Athlete

With better health care than ever, baby boomers are the first generation taking steps to protect themselves for their longer lives.  In our recent Active Intelligence- The Ageless Athletereport we look at how the market is gaining momentum. Exercise and a conscious approach to health and fitness have a number of advantages in ensuring a higher quality of life throughout the golden years.

The growing boom in the ‘geriatric’ athlete has been simmering for a while, but it’s no wonder when you look at the benefits of staying active in old age.

older athlete weights

Dean Bradshaw, ‘The Golden Years’

  1. Age

Physically, older athletes are much younger than their number says.  Studies amongst older athletes have found that their fitness age is generally 20 or more years younger than their actual age!

Curious? Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have created this nifty little calculator so you can work out your physical age.

older wresting

Dean Bradshaw, ‘The Golden Years’

  1. Fighting the signs on aging.

Exercise and physical activity have a number of benefits in fighting the signs of aging. For example exercise has been identified as a protective factor and delay in the onset of dementia. Studies have also show that older people with arthritis, heart disease and diabetes can benefit from regular exercise whilst strength training is the biggest winner in protecting against loss of bone mass and osteoporosis.

older athlete post game

Dean Bradshaw, ‘The Golden Years’

  1. Positive advantages on mental health.

Not only does exercise help with the physical problems but also mental ones.  Studies have found a 20-30% lower risk of depression and anxiety in older adults exercising daily, and a boost in self-esteem.  Exercise also encourages people to meet others and socialize, combating the loneliness that often accompanies old age.

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