Three (great) reasons to attend WGSN Futures in New York

I’m the type of person who always RSVP’s yes on Facebook. I file away every opportunity to attend a summit. The operative word being “file” because when it comes time to attend, I can’t be bothered.

Truth is, as a marketer, I get to attend a lot of talks. But I often find myself on my phone, or sneaking out the back to work.

So why?

When you attend a conference, you get out of your every day. You get to see the world from a new perspective. You get to explore worlds and ideas that your day job doesn’t afford you the luxury to consider. All upside, no?

In theory, attending conferences should do just that – shake up your world and your mindset. But in practice, they so rarely do. In fact, most devolve into a lot of speakers promoting their company, or panelists giving stock answers about the importance of Millenials or planning to plan, or creating ‘synergies’ across functions, or (insert buzzword) for (yet another buzzword).

Which is why, when I got tapped to create the content for WGSN Futures, I promised myself one thing. I would create a conference that I actually wanted to attend. And the way it’s stacking up, I simply can’t wait. Here’s why:

We’re talking about real issues: from the role of sexuality in fashion to whether or not all this technology is actually making us lonely, we’re looking at the real issues that the industry will need to tackle in the next 15 years (and we aren’t shying away from the controversial…).


Zara’s gender neutral collection

We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions: We’ll ask representatives from fast fashion whether they are just giving lip service to sustainability, we’ll ask marketers what responsibility they have to protect our youth, and we’ll ask ourselves, how, in a world that can change in a moment, we can create tomorrow.

We’ve got true innovators: Ok, this one sounds like a marketing line, but it’s true. From Billie Whitehouse, who has been called the Female Elon Musk, to Miles Johnson of Patagonia and Amy Hall of Eileen Fisher (the fashion label that promises to make all its cotton and linen organic by 2020), only true innovators will be on stage at WGSN Futures.

WGSN Futures will take place on November 10th at Studio 450 in New York. Get your ticket today.


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