Thowin' Double C's


Stylesightings in the vicinity of the Chanel Mobile Publicity UFO that has landed in Central Park






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  • Hope Bowers

    (It’s me the one in the fur coat who could not find her white gloves)

    First of all, Really truly wonderful site. I have searched far and wide for a good street style website and this is by far the best that I have seen.
    Thank you so much for taking my photo that day at the Chanel Exhibit. I was feeling like a bit of an outcast around my classmates and it really made my day that you recognized my style. Again Thank you so much. I would gladly wear some killer outfits for you if you ever told me where you were shooting.
    P.S. I found my gloves! I had left them in the bathroom at school.

  • But Hope you ARE an outcast among your classmates…you’re cool and stylish, they aren’t! 🙂 Good thing you live in New York – the home of stylish and amazing outcasts. (Thanks for your sweet comment.)

  • Drea

    your classmates are fools!

  • Michael

    You should have left picture 3 OUT.. what a waste of time. terrible terrible terrible

  • Hey Eddie, great selection! I really think that you are getting better. And please take up Hope’s offer, and let her model for us again. I just really love the sister with the red tights. Her smile is priceless, and maybe hiding many secrets. Ditto for the mature lady on the Bianchi, I can tell that she has been fashion original for ‘long-long’ time!

    p.s. no cobblestones

  • drea

    I think the boys in the 3rd picture have a grandmaster flash look to them. Its a hard look to pull off w/out looking overdone… i like what theyve done. I love this site.

  • ReX LeONe

    E! your so gnarleY!!!…rex n ykiro-2 originators at the chanel exhibit doing it RexLeSs STYLE!!!hahahahaha….i love it .. hey world we are designers…we have our own company Laissez Faire coming soon , we are recording artist as well(write music n produce beats), hit me up on myspace or my gmail if you want some official one a kind custom threads(women/men) or if u wanna hear some amazing music….rex leone on myspace finder or gmail me at rexleone64@gmail.com

  • Wassup world its Ykiro and we are the only dudes on this blog so what does that tell u people?! step up to the plate men and stop caring what people think!! My mind sends vivid pictures and creative ideas to my soul which in turn i reap in my style; my “Ykiro WildStyle” and yeah we’re innovators and surrealists of our time in this cynic commoditized market, and we will be the next beyonds LF presents “Elements of a Cynical Union” shout out to Rex Leone and tAz Arnold stay kool peace