This jacket collection will look good in your wardrobe (and benefit the environment)
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

Reuse, Reinvent, Revive are the key themes at the heart of a new outwear collection by Anne Bernecker, WGSN reports

Jan 15, 2016

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Anne Bernecker is a fashion jack of all trades. She’s a fashion designer, trend forecaster and consultant plus she has a stunning street style blog. But, it’s her latest turn as sustainable fashion enthusiast we are most interested in at WGSN Insider.

She has just launched a handmade sustainable limited edition line of jackets, that are great for the environment as well as looking super cool. Packed with embellishment, each jacket is unique, and looks like nothing else on the high street. We caught up with Anne to find out more:


What was the starting point for this collection: “I think my starting point was that I have always loved working with embellishment, I used to design for Versace and Temperley and I always felt that the embellishment would get lost on the beautiful dresses, ending up in a kind of sugary overload. I wanted a more pared back backdrop for embellishment. So I combined embellishment with vintage faded garments, so that the final product is very luxurious, and also sustainable.


“It’s like couture slow fashion.”


When did you start making the pieces? “ I had the idea for the collection two years ago, I started with the first designs and developed one hand embroidered Levis jacket. The first sample took four months to get the colours and stones of the embellishment right. I loved developing the designs and seeing the collection come to life.”


What makes the pieces unique: “They are totally limited edition- each piece is a bit different and unique. On each army jacket, the placement of camouflage and embellishment is in a different area. The vintage denim pieces vary in shape, colours and some styles are more washed out denim with an 80’s inspired rock feel. You can choose which style suits you best and become part of the jacket’s life story.”


What are your thoughts on fashion, sustainability and the future of design? “I think overall the major consumption in big markets will fade out, people want to stand out, and be unique, rather than invest in a throwaway culture. As consumers get more conscious, they will invest in pieces that last forever.”

Photo credit: Anne Bernecker.

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