The Year Ahead


There were plenty of “year in review” lists for 2008, but we think that looking towards tomorrow is a lot more exciting. Below, your optimistic and always opinionated Stylesight editors name a few bright spots on 2009’s horizon:

Even though these are “tough economic times” (isn’t that a phrase we’re ready to leave in ’08?), I am excited that the men’s business is still thriving and evolving.  Consumers need fun and fresh reasons to buy from collections. As we cover the men’s shows, I’ll be really anxious to see the first ever runway collection from Dunhill. Last year the luxury house named Kim Jones, the talented British designer as its creative director; this will be his first season showing for the company. Believe it or not, the collection has not had a single designer since the days of Alfred Dunhill himself, so it will be very interesting.  This is the time for authenticity and an appreciation for heritage, and the revival of many of the brands of yesteryear (Sierra Design, Woolrich, Carhartt, etc.) in order to introduce them to a whole new generation will be a lot of fun to watch.

-Michael Fisher, Men’s Editor

We are moving into a time when the concept of living an over the top lifestyle is frowned upon. Now is the time for Anti-Bling. Consumers are becoming smarter in their choices of products, along with using their buying power to purchase goods that are environmentally friendly, against animal testing and are a great value for their money. Has this become the trend because of the collapse of the economy or the trouble with the environment? One can never tell, but change is here and in full swing! Excess in these times is seen as frivolous and unimportant. Billionaires are selling their private-jets and flying economy to help save fuel and money. Commuters are trading in their SUVs for hybrid cars. And fashionistas are bartering their Manolos for recession-ista fashions.

-Jamie Thomas, Women’s Editor

With the economy’s future uncertain, women are clutching their purses tighter than ever.  Although this economic “stagflation” has consumers wanting to pull out their hair, they remain “obama-mistic” in the New Year, which is a good thing.  In an effort to remedy shopping addictions and overspending on new ensembles, women will opt for doses of ostentatious yet appealing accessories as updates to favorite pieces. Way-out-there embellishments on bags and shoes will continue to perform at retail.  Scottie hats and bedazzled headbands will be top of mind when looking for that “little something special” without breaking the bank. We’ll also see a lot of extreme beauty such as eyelash extensions with a flair of fantasy.

-Monique Umeh, Accessories Editor

The Obama Daughters are definitely on the path to becoming the next celebrity kid trendsetters. In 2008 we saw Suri Cruise developed into a fashion icon, and spark a resurgence of poised classic design. 2009 will usher in a new era of casual-chic dressing for kids, which model both Malia and Sasha’s effortless style. Look forward to a carefree approach for girls’ looks, one that juxtaposes polished and everyday pieces and layers tomboy and pretty styles.

-Khalym Schell, Children’s Editor

As cities continue to feel the effects of climate change, architects are freeing their imagination to raise the roof on green design. By adding a living layer of vegetation to the facades of buildings, architecture’s function and purpose take on a new double meaning. Plant covering adds an extra layer of insulation and has the potential to reduce a building’s energy use. Simultaneously, green roofs turn buildings into an oasis for people and birds while increasing a city’s biodiversity. While the idea of a living facade is cutting edge, its roots can be traced back to the early 20th century when French architect, Le Corbusier, heralded its use in his vision of the “New City”. I for one am extremely excited to see nature become a significant element of the urban landscape.

-Angela Ringo, Interiors Editor

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