The School of Life extends wellness retail range
By Sarah Housley

From colouring books that help consumers to be more mindful to adult drawing books, this new wellness range is all about ditching your phone and staying in the moment.

Jul 10, 2015

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Emotional intelligence specialist The School of Life is extending its Tools For Thinking retail range for the upcoming season, with new products that apply its focus on wellness and curiosity into further areas of home and lifestyle.

Continuing the ‘As Therapy’ idea explored by its mindful colouring books, new products including Cooking As Therapy and Cleaning As Therapy tea towels and soaps, a Drawing As Therapy sketchbook, Psychology of Colour drawing pencils, and a stack of brightly coloured journals for detailing Projects, Affairs, Night Thoughts and Journeys.

There is also 100 Questions: Family Edition, a card pack to encourage wide-ranging conversations among family members at the dinner table, Keyword Pencils labelled with important terms from literature and psychoanalysis, and the Imperfection Pot, a handmade ceramic pot that aims to reminds its viewer of the beauty in the slightly off-kilter.

WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors subscribers can find out more about the rise of wellness, and the growing market it represents, in the Consumer Insight report Wellthness.

– Sarah Housley


The School of Life extends wellness retail range

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