The rise of the #chelfie (that’s changing room selfie)


That big moment when you finish your makeup – when you’ve finally decided what to wear and what colour of lipstick to put on. The moment when you’ve decided you’re ready to start the day. But before you leave the house, you can’t stop yourself from asking one, small but crucial thing – how do I look?

It’s curious how we constantly need confirmation from other people that we look amazing, great or just even OK. We claim to be confident yet if there’s even just a smidge of nagging doubt about our hair or outfit, we struggle to leave the house feeling good.

And here is where the #Chelfie – AKA the changing-room selfie – has swooped in to potentially make life better. A new shopping habit, it is basically the Instagram post asking followers one thing: “should I buy this?”

The funny thing is, it’s very unlikely anyone will respond to a chelfie saying: “you look horrible, really, give up on life (don’t take my word for this – people on social media can be mean).” I do believe people will always try to be nice with a range of awesome-self-help-book adjectives – whether it’s the truth or not.

And, if you ask me, that’s okay. We just need a shot of confidence to go out feeling good about ourselves or to buy the right outfit. And really, I don’t think there is any problem at all with this; I am actually a big supporter of the #chelfie. So my advice? Get on board with this new Instagram trend – it’s going to be huge.

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