The Party Hat Project: Crafting WGSN trends


WGSN Offices: London 

Last week saw the arrival of WGSN Trends Day – an intense two day workshop where the WGSN’s Editors gather to present, feedback and forecast the Vision 2020.

Following a day of workshops, and self-diagnosed ‘trend brains’ – we had a visit from The Party Hat Project, encouraging us to physically craft the trends and key ideas into party hats.

Not only did it help us to visualise trends highlighted throughout the workshop, it also put us in-touch with our creative (and fairly competitive sides) too.

The Party Hat Project is a series of events and portraits taking place in 2018 devised by the team of creative director, Graham Hollick and photographer, Josh van Gelder. 

The idea is simple – a creative party where cocktails or dinner are combined with an impromptu hat-making session, with each guest posing for a stylish portrait in their new hand crafted headpiece.

“Our mission is to ‘make merry, make hats and make friends” says Josh “life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and it’s very hard to take anything seriously when you’re balancing a crazy home-made hat on your head! We encourage people to tap into their more playful side so that new connections can be formed in a spontaneous and light hearted way”

Each party has a theme (ours being ‘On Trend’, obviously..) and guests are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and to be as irreverent as possible.

Party Hat project

WGSN’s Senior Active Editor, Yvonne Kostiak, models her creation

“The hat-making adds a different dimension to the party” explains Graham, “it allows people to interact and relate to each other in new ways, and creates a memorable evening that is much more than a simple cocktail or dinner. We like to call it ‘performance craft’ – a little like performance art, but much less serious and loads more fun!” 

Ultimately, Hollick and van Gelder hope to exhibit the portraits and some of the hats created throughout the year, but in keeping with the spirit of the project, they remain open minded about future directions.

As Josh says “We just want to enjoy meeting new people, while sparking some creativity and making some great memories – and hats and portraits, too!”

To check out more of the WGSN Editors’ creations, head to The Party Hat Project’s Instagram page.

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