The New Normal: Future Fashion Trends

“Is this going to be another discussion about Normcore?” I hear you ask with a note of reservation. The answer is mostly no…but a little bit yes. Later this month, at WGSN Futures Australia, we’ll be unpacking the key fashion trends of the future, and how they affect the retail market.

So why am I bringing up the term Normcore (since it feels so 2014)? Well, that’s easy. Even though Normcore seems like the past tense, thanks to the fact that it emerged in the mainstream fashion consciousness over two years ago and had massive social media and buzzword appeal resulting in a milieu of washed denim, grey marl and Birkenstocks, I don’t believe Normcore should be dismissed as a fad. Or at least, it should be considered as part of a bigger fashion future.

normcore: future fashion trends

Normcore, in many ways, is indicative of the reasons why trends take off at a mass level and has in turn led to fashion movements that have changed the way we dress. Since Normcore has receded from the spotlight, we have seen the rise of the athleisure trend. This too has had its media-hype, and many markets and categories could be forgiven for being really over it, but if we look beyond the buzzword and the acceptability of yoga pants in the day time, the trend shows an intrinsic change in what consumers want from their clothing, namely: comfort, flexibility, and fashion that works with their lifestyle.


As dressing for comfort takes on new levels of cool, other signs of change appear indicating how fashion and more importantly consumers’ attitudes to how they dress will evolve in the future. From changing attitudes towards gender, to maximalism and the Gucci-effect, to the rise of streetwear as a high fashion staple, to the Korean-wave, cutting through the noise and understanding what is at the core (excuse the pun) of these trends and fashion movements is key. This enables an understanding of the longevity of a trend and its importance to your brand or business and market.


Greer Hughes, is a consultant with WGSN Mindset and will be one of the presenters at WGSN Futures Australia. Save the date and come along to hear more. 

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