The Last Glamourai

img_1639as.jpgI bumped into The Glamourai the other day in the Fashion District when she had just come from a fitting. She’s from Texas but I think sometimes “New Yorkers” aren’t always actually born in New York. She’s a committed New York fashion girl these days and she’s won my admiration with outfits like the one you see here. Polka dots, prints, stripes, solids, metal spikes, wood, leather, fur, crucifixes…it takes an experienced hand and keen eye to pull all of these disparate elements together into a cohesive whole…don’t try this at home. She had been out to two fashion parties the night before as well because she’s part of the fashion pack. Listen…I keep fashion in perspective…I mean none of us are saving lives here…but I’m completely serious when I say that it’s vitally important that there are girls like her in New York. Just think of how much effort went into this one outfit – shopping, laundry, dry cleaning, sourcing and tailoring vintage pieces, making the crucifix necklace, etc. Someone who will put this sort of thought and time into their outfit on a cold and hungover January morning is one of the 4,738 reasons why New York will never be Cleveland. You can read more about her adventures by clicking here. Respect. xxx eddie




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  • It’s odd that this outfit really shouldn’t work but completely does. I love her little brocade looking skirt. Want it.

  • Domio a la Mode

    mad style

  • A girl who can wear a combination of complicated prints with such energy is rare! There’s decisiveness and expertise in her clothes. She looks like a beautiful exotic bird… Love her!!!

  • I Love the leopardskin!! x

  • I can’t see the style. Sorry, but she looks like a mess.

  • Anonymous

    I love her.
    She is in some way pioneering what I call the “Neo-punk Chanel”, very becoming on her.

  • She’s a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t diss Cleveland.

  • “Neo-punk Chanel” thats totally it! i love it

  • she’s absolutely PHENOMENAL. it’s like it shouldnt work, but on her it does. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  • Drea

    This girl… has become my new muse.
    I’m rushing out to buy some canvas.

  • marta

    Not only she’s beautiful, but very stylish and effortless.
    I love her haircut too.

  • how does she make it work? shes talented!
    plus the sign of “new yorker” at the back is perfect

  • yeh yeh, I get that she looks beautiful and she is creative, but looking at this I just had a massive realisation that there is way too much contrivance and self-consciousness in terms of so-called street style in order to be seen and possibly photographed. Whatever happened to intrinsic style that is just “born” of the person?

  • I love your point and have mentioned the exact same thing to several people recently. Street fashion photography has been around for decades but has seen an explosion in interest and outlets since say 2005 or so. I’ve definitely noticed people recently who are dressed as though for a casting – a street style casting. (You can nearly guarantee coverage if you are an off-duty model, are wearing massive and massively expensive chunky heels, or are repping a preppy-meets-edgy editors favorite like Band of Outsiders, Thom Browne, or A.P.C.) There is an awareness among fashion conscious people these days (when they go to certain neighborhoods or attend certain events like a runway show) that they have a high probability of having their photo taken if they work an appropriate look. I often try to avoid taking this “street style bait” and walk around the corner to find someone unique and less self-aware. No doubt about it – self-awareness does taint authenticity somewhat. I’m afraid this genie will never be put back in the bottle however.

  • Eddie, amazing response. Spot on!

  • Anonymous

    cleveland has amazing, amazing, amazing vintage. and it’s cheap. that’s more than i can say for nyc. expect that people don’t go around snapping street style in cleveland like they do here. suite lorain…best place ever.

  • Faustine

    Something our patriarchal society often forgets about the relationship women have with their garments, is how sacred it can be. Ms. Glam is an exquisite reminder of this intimate bond. You can tell that this woman’s body and closet equate to her alter and sacrament. One of the most poignant ways women have been able to rebel throughout history is with their personal appearance. It is so reflective because dressing is a daily creation and/or affirmation ritual. As one dresses a character is created, or a characteristic or feeling is highlighted… and the more thoughtfully this is done the more intensely the character(istic) is solidified. It can be as simple as saying “Today I will be the color red” or complex as Ms. Glam… Whom personifies the enlightened bliss of one able to truly “witness,” thereby feeling the inside so intensely they may shine it outward for their own enjoyment, and that of those lucky enough to see the light.

  • Wow Faustine – that’s good stuff! We are all getting positively poetic. I can honestly say that this week has provided the most interesting comments I’ve ever had on this blog.

  • Anonymous

    messy but weirdly chic

  • yeahyeahyeah

    i don’t know if i’d call piling everything you have in your closet on top of each other great personal style. reminds me of that episode of friends where joey wore everything chandler had and then did lunges. i suppose mathematically it does increase your odds of having a great outfit.

  • Вот за что люблю социалки, так за то, что инфу найти быстрее получаецца

  • Tina lynn

    The last Glamourai ? I will miss it. I agree what Eddie stated , not falling into the trap of those who want attention. Style is a personal thing that is the art of the personality. It takes dedication and discipline to create a look and build it up. Her look has developed over the years.
    She has invented her look. A new look that will copied in the future magazines

  • A amazing girl

  • She is great, I love that she’s getting attention. I have been reading her blog since it came about only months ago and really dig her style. I came across this site through her blog, and really enjoy the fashion your capture. Have a grand day!

    Jess s.

  • This girl is beautiful and has a nice haircut however the outfit is in no way amazing…yeah the pieces are unique but piling on 20 different prints doesn’t make you stylish. If this exact outfit was worn on a differently shaped woman it wouldn’t look nearly as good…the reason this outfit is appealing on her is because the silhouette of her outfit is right for her body. the weird combination of prints happen to have colors that all look nice together however it’s just shocking to the eye…not in a stylish way but in a way that when you see something you havn’t seen before it stands out at you. This girl knows what silhouette of clothing to dress herself in but I would never go so far as to say that the combination of prints in her outfit is evidence of how well her sense of style is. Street style is just a following of people who try to combine clothing to create a unique look so they can purposely attract attention to how “unique” they are…the very act of doing this highlights just how un-unique they are. I can tell that this girl probably spent well over an hour trying to make her self look unique and to me that can’t be enjoyable…It’s possible to look good and have good style without spending hours putting yourself together…I mean how much time does this girl have in the morning?…a lot more than me!. I will say it can be refreshing to see someone dressed like this among a crowd of american eagle clad people but when everyone in NYC is trying to stand out like this then it gets boring. This girl isn’t dressing for herself she is dressing for attention.

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  • kiara

    I´m not impressed with the look. But you have to give her marks for being daring.

  • woh I enjoy your articles , saved to bookmarks ! .