Why brands need to give more thought to their packaging

Gone are the days when a plastic carrier bag or a brown box with a handle were all the packaging options consumers demanded. We are in a social media age, and before Instagram feeds were flooded with product, we had the ‘unboxing’ videos on Youtube, all displaying consumers, the brands they loved and the packaging that sealed the deal. Packaging is a brand’s calling card now, from the Acne Pink boxes to love notes that womenswear brand Reformation sends out with its clothes.

Reformation's cheeky packaging

Reformation’s cheeky packaging

And so, if you are launching a new brand, or repositioning an older brand, you need to focus on the packaging. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either, simplicity is sometimes your brand’s best calling card. Luxury brands and new start-ups have embraced simplicity. Celine opts for plain monochrome boxes, classic and memorable.


While beauty brand start-up Glossier‘s packaging resembles a Ziploc bag with pink bubble wrap inside, and it’s been such a social media success, the brand now stocks the bag separately in its e-commerce store.


Custom-colour boxes, playful messages on packaging tape, bold statements announcing a parcel’s arrival, and thoughtful interior surprises help engage with and immerse shoppers in a brand’s world before the item has been opened. This is particularly important for online retailers, as the shipping box acts as a physical storefront and is the customer’s first contact with the brand.

New start-up Shhhowercap does this particularly well, it has managed to rebrand a rather dull but useful product category, updating it for the Instagram generation and focusing on making sure the packaging looks as appealing as the well-designed product. The Shhhowercap box comes in Millenial Pink, the colour of the season, and it includes the brand’s mission statement. While the tag on the shower cap has all the brand’s social media printed on, so that consumers can take a photo in their cap and upload it onto their social media channels.



And playing with your packaging during the holiday season, is another great way to reignite the demand and desire for your brand.


In a break from tradition, why not use bold rainbow colours for Holiday packaging, throw in some attention-grabbing hues, playful cartoon graphics and even vibrant patterns, while keeping the brand logo clear and defined.

L_Occitane holiday brand packaging

L_Occitane holiday brand packaging

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