The Good Copy: A writer’s utopia in Melbourne

Think of it as a hardware store for writers. A place where they can write without feeling obliged to buy lots of posh, pricey coffee. A place where they can tinker with words, tighten up their copy and check out every indie magazine they definitely think should never have closed. This is The Good Copy, the latest hub for Melbourne’s literary scene.

The place stocks pens, pads, tees and totes and loads of mags to dig and dote on. There’s the hardcore writing stuff on hand too like style guides and dictionaries – after all, this is a wordsmith’s paradise.

It also does book launches, one-off talks and panel discussions. Oh, and movie nights too. Specifically, movie nights featuring movies about writers.


There’s a library (a non-borrowing one) featuring out-of-print issues (the kind of titles you’ve been itching to get your hands on for a long, long time). And – in maybe a first of its kind – they also do something called STOP. Grammar Time, the name of its nuts-and-bolts grammar class for grownups. I know, cool, right?

It covers all the stuff you’ve always wanted to brush up on but didn’t know where to go or how to go about doing that (without being super embarrassed/super ashamed, of course).

You’ll learn how to put the right thing in the right place, when to use a colon rather than a semi colon and what the difference is between an em dash and an en dash. Plus, the team makes damn good coffee to keep you keen.


The class is available to all and caters to every level, from designers who feel they need a quick refresher to CEOs who want to write punchier emails.

For those lucky enough to be based around the Melbourne area, keep an eye on its calendar for updates.

The Buzz: Is this the start of a hip literary hub? With libraries turning trendy and print on the up, this new back-to-school setting feels like it could the first of many.

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