The future of interiors: 2018 and beyond


For the third year in a row, WGSN have partnered with eporta, the world’s number one interior sourcing platform for trade professionals. Together, we combine our knowledge of the industry to build a bigger picture, and create a narrative behind the trends.

We’ve dug below the surface of the trends, exploring the societal changes which in turn help you relate to your client’s true needs, rather than designing for fads. This report, confirms the research and trends we predict.


Mystical DesignTo counterbalance the chaos of identity polarisation, our next trend epitomises the search for orientation. Stemming from a need for perspective, the belief that there is something greater than ourselves is comforting. Traditionally we found reassurance in religion, but with religion having less sway on society, many are turning to spirituality and mysticality for solace.



Self-caring interiors are equally created as a coping strategy adopted to tune out the world around us. Long have we seen the impact of mindfulness in society, it has seeped into people’s vocabulary with over 1,300 mindfulness apps available to download and some schools even including it in the curriculum. With the wellness industry now worth over $3.7 trillion, it is no surprise that we are demanding spaces which sync with us emotionally and physically.


Natural ConnectionNatural Connection is the longing for deeper grounding with the world around us. We are looking for an authentic connection with the products we fill spaces with. As with the last two trends, our desire for a natural connection is in direct response to the perceived sense of chaos surrounding us, and arguably a pessimism about the world moving too quickly.


Responsible ReinventionWe have seen a growing consensus throughout society that sustainability is no longer enough, replacing it instead with the term responsibility, which accounts for the personal involvement needed to improve the world we live in.


Employee ExperienceWhen people go to work they bring every aspect of themselves with them, as we have seen this can mean a multi dimensional personality, encompassing everything they want to be and more. Brands are looking to gain and retain great staff that fit their cultural values by creating an ecosystem that fosters employee experience. Design plays a critical role within this, providing a branded backdrop that is congruent with the way the company wants its employees to perceive them.


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