The Frendly Gathering 2012

The Active Team are big fans of the FRENDS crew and have been following the intimate posse of professional snowboarders – and their latest antics – regularly throughout the past few years. From stops at various snowboarding contests around the world and their crazy videos on Frendsvision to checking in with the guys at concerts or tradeshows, we’re always ready for a good time whenever they’re around.

The group of, “there is no ‘I’ in frends” includes Mason Aguirre, Keir Dillon, Eric Jackson, Mikkel Bang, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Luke and Jack Mitrani. The latter of whom is responsible for the recent efforts of the upcoming third annual, The Frendly Gathering Music Festival taking place this weekend, in Windham, Vermont over June 14th-16th. The boys were able to organize a killer lineup this year during the three days festivities, including marquee names: Deer Tick, DJ Z-Trip, SOJA, Nicole Atkins and Dr. Dog, among others.

Mr. Jack Mitrani is a massive music fan and has always wanted to get involved on a deeper level ever, with The Frendly Gathering lending an entrée into a world he’s loved since childhood. We had a chance to catch up with Jack and ask about the upcoming weekend. In his own words…

Jack Mitrani

SS: You’re a pro snowboarder who has an equal passion for all things music. Tell us a bit about yourself?

JM: Well, let’s see here where do I begin… I’m a Capricorn, I’m 23 years old and I hail from Vermont. I enjoy filming and editing funny videos for my website Frendsvision.com. I pretend like I know how to play guitar. My main passions in life are snowboarding, shake-weighting, and putting on Music Festivals to bring people together to have the times of their lives.

SS: You’re currently steering the ship for the upcoming Frendly Gathering. What’s in store for festival-goers who are planning to attend?

JM: This year at The Frendly Gathering we have 36 bands, 5 stages, a freshly tuned pond for swimming, yoga, a brand spankin’ new skateboard ramp, food and product vendors… the list goes on and on.

SS: How will the FRENDS crew be participating at The Gathering?

JM: You will most likely see us running around helping out wherever we’re needed. From taking out the trash, to greeting the bands with their ridiculous rider requests, we will be busting our asses to ensure a good time for everyone who shows up.

SS: What do you think about how the Action Sports World is fusing together with music festivals? From The Frendly Gathering, to events such as the Snowball Festival out in Vail, Colorado….it seems to be an interesting trend that’s gaining traction within the scene and culture?

JM: I feel that the action sports world can resonate with the Music Festival world because it’s a very similar lifestyle and culture. For example, you snowboard, skateboard, surf, etc. because you love the feeling or the experience you get from it. It’s the same thing at a Music Festival; you get that similar experience or that rush when someone like Dan Auerbach, from The Black Keys, melts your face off with a ripping guitar solo while you’re holding some smokin’ hot topless girl on your shoulders! (Well, maybe that doesn’t happen every time but you know what I’m sayin’!)

Seriously though, Music and action sports just go hand in hand and it always has been that way. Everyone I know that snowboards has headphones on while they ride. Music is the soundtrack that enhances what we do. I mean, who wants to watch a snowboard or skateboard movie without music?! And what better than to go see the music that’s been the soundtrack of your season LIVE!

SS: Tell us a bit of history about the Gathering? How’d the idea all come together?

JM: It’s kind of a crazy story of how The Frendly Gathering came about. Three years ago, The Frends Crew, which is a crew of pro snowboarders, were all trying to make the US Olympic team. One of the Frends, Kevin Pearce, suffered a horrible crash while training and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Two weeks later, our other Frend, Danny Davis, made the Olympic team but then fell off of an ATV and broke his back so he couldn’t go. Needless to say, it was a crazy emotional roller coaster of a season. After all the chaos, I felt it was necessary to get everyone together and move past what had happened. So with a little help from my frends, we put on a weekend getaway camping trip and called it, The Frendly Gathering. So, it basically started as a meeting point for all of our frends to come out, celebrate life, and get over the wild winter we all had just gone through.

Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Kevin Pearce

SS: What’s in store for the future for The Frendly Gathering? Plans for expansion? Could we possibly see a Winter Festival in works one day?

JM: We most definitely will be freezing our asses off at the Winter Frendly Gathering one day together. It’s just right now we have so much going on in the winter that it’s nice to get everyone in the snowboard world together outside of our element for a change.

As far as the future of The Frendly Gathering as a whole goes, I guess it’s safe to say that it is wide open right now and the sky is the limit. I mean who knows? We could potentially branch out even more and do a Frendly Gathering Food Festival, Frendly Gathering Hop Skotch/Pogs/Shakeweight Festival, whatever makes sense really. We just want to stay true to what The Frendly Gathering is all about and that’s bringing Frends together to share a damn good time. Whether it’s music, food, hop skotch, Segway, shake weights, snowboarding, or whatever, we always want to focus on creating the best intimate Frendly environment for everyone to share. Period. Now if you are still reading this come join us this summer for a good time!

– Jessica Kaplan

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