The dramatic rise of multiuse beauty products

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Conscious consumers are increasingly seeking beauty products that use fewer resources and ingredients, inspiring an emergence of Limitarian brands that embrace minimalism as a mindset and not just an aesthetic. Products that can be used as a lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and colour corrector all in one, or those acting as a hybrid concealer and foundation all aid in streamlining our beauty routines. 

Minimalist make-up routines

An evolution of the Limitarian trend, Skinimalism has united frugality and sustainable design. Skincare consumers are moving toward defining value by efficacy and efficiency, and are increasingly prioritising minimalist products that come without the fear of creating more waste so they can enjoy their favourites guilt free. Beauty routines emerging from the pandemic are looking to be further streamlined with hybrid products that cut out the need for multiple steps, blurring lines between categories and reducing demand for multiple products.

With a growing consumer consensus that less is more, a new crop of brand and product launches are taking the concept of multitasking beauty even further. Products that offer polytasking functions will appeal to Skinvestors looking to streamline their routines without compromising on performance. Inspired by skip-care (a trend emerging from South Korea as an antidote to the traditional extensive multipart routines), these products offer myriad benefits in one formula or are designed to be used in various ways or on multiple body parts.

Demand for ‘make-up hyphenates’ – multitasking colour cosmetics with skincare ingredients – is also growing as shoppers seek a better deal for their pocket and planet.

Glossier cloud paint

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Multiuse products’ appeal

The concept of a stripped-back routine as a result of multitasking products appeals to green-minded shoppers, which have grown as the result of lifestyle reevaluations amid the pandemic’s ‘great pause’. Hyper-hybrid products create less packaging and suit those worried about waste and its negative impact on the planet. Minimalism stretches further than just packaging when it comes to the environment, with less marketing collateral and decreased digital pollution from websites filled with products.

Decluttering the home has become a lockdown pastime for many and this trend enables consumers to apply this new habit to the bathroom cabinet. With many people’s new working from home lifestyles, this trend helps them recreate their bathroom space as a sanctuary, which is streamlined and focused on special and treasured beauty and wellness staples. 

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