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New York Fashion Week comes twice a year, in February and September. As the world of media evolves, it creates space for all different types of attendees and a larger than life, week-long production. If you get the chance to make the trek to one of the greatest cities in the world to attend NYFW, you’ll be glad you did. To feed your curiosity about such an exciting week of events, here is a behind-the-scenes glimpse from Blogger Catherine Claire from The Crystal Press revealing what it’s really like to do New York Fashion Week and navigate this new media landscape, from Instagram stories to brand partnerships.

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Start the Day at the Gym

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After attending NYFW a couple of times now, I have learned that it is very important for me to prioritise taking care of myself. This go-round, it meant waking up a tad earlier to hit the hotel gym at the Four Seasons New York Downtown. Even though I was up late the night before after the Tadashi Shoji and Noon by Noor shows and dinner at Nobu, I had to do it. It’s always a struggle to get to the gym, but once I finish my workout, I’m happy that I went. I leave feeling energized and ready to start my day. Isn’t that the way that you want to feel during a day at NYFW?


Room Service Is Your Best Friend

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Room service is a lifesaver in the morning when you’re in a time crunch. I ordered it ahead of time, and it was ready just in time to greet me post-sweat sesh. Room service is a major time saver and luckily, the Four Seasons has so many healthy choices on their breakfast menu to start your day. I opted for an egg white omelet with a side of kids French toast sticks, because I just couldn’t resist.

Insider Tip: Take photos of your food before you begin to eat it, and take photos of your hotel in general. Posting photographic moments at your hotel on social media can help promote a relationship with your host. Developing a relationship with a hotel that matches your aesthetic is a great way to create value for your audience and the hotel!


Get Your Hair Done

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After primping and changing our outfits too many times, we decided to rock our matching Tart Collections multi-color faux fur coats to take on another full day of NYFW activities. Our first stop was to head to Bumble and Bumble in the Meatpacking District to get our contrasting locks freshened up for the day’s events. My blog partner Rebecca opted for a Bumble and Bumble blowout, and I chose to get a haircut. We are both huge fans of the services at Bumble and Bumble in NYC, and I must say, the haircuts I have gotten there are flawless. The two of us haven’t ever received as many compliments on our hair as we have when we get our hair done at Bumble.

Insider Tip: Hair and beauty product companies are a great way to get involved in NYFW. If you have covered certain brands in the past, reach out to them. See where your expertise can plug in and you may be surprised with where the relationship might lead!




Take a Look Backstage

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After getting our hair glammed up, Rebecca and I headed to Club Monaco on Fifth Avenue to go backstage with Bumble and Bumble before their show. As bloggers, one of our favorite things to experience at NYFW is going backstage. In a world of posed pictures and Photoshop, the creative energy and urgency behind the scenes of a fashion show is indescribable. Not to mention, there is no better mess than one of makeup, beauty products and designer clothes.


Insider Tip: Use NYFW as a way to scope out trends before they hit the market—then head to secondhand stores and even online thrift stores like thredUP.com and others to hunt for unique, soon-to-be-on-trend designer pieces for a fraction of the price. You’ll be the first in the loop once fall hits.


Stop for a Bite to Eat

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The two of us had some time between attending backstage at Club Monaco and the actual Club Monaco event, so we wandered over to one of our favorite places for delicious food: Eataly. If you find yourself near Madison Square Park and in in the mood for a full meal, gelato or a glass of wine, we highly recommend that you check it out.

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Insider Tip: Star all of your planned destinations in your maps app on your smartphone. It will serve as a pseudo-personal assistant as you try to find the correct restaurant or venue and make it to your events on time.


Soak in the Beauty of the Shows

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Once we finished up at Eataly, we walked back to Club Monaco and were greeted by one of the most fun and elaborate events we have attended at NYFW. The spectacle was held at their flagship store on Fifth Avenue and their creative team completely transformed the large space into a romantic, gypsy-spirited haven. Between the ethereal florals, their inspired take on street style designs, and the sweet eats on the long table as we walked in, we immediately made up our mind that we wanted to stay forever. We were even surer of this when Drew Barrymore walked in. Okay, we didn’t stay forever—but we did get a selfie with her.


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Insider Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask or step out of your comfort zone. NYFW is all about enjoying shows and making new friends. If you’re lucky, it might just be Drew Barrymore.


Make Time to Network

After our photo op with Drew Barrymore, we made our way to Soho for a meeting with Fohr Card, one of our favorite influencer networks. We stopped by the office to meet their team and then walked down to a cute restaurant to talk with girls that we had been emailing for some time now! It was so nice to put a face to a name and hear all of their advice for us. Is there anything better than learning over a glass of vino and burrata cheese?

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After our dinner with Fohr Card, we met some other friends in fashion out for a drink at The Cut by Wolfgang Puck. Allegedly, the Hadids were just there, so we decided to post up in case they decided to make an appearance again—you know, for the selfie and all.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

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Don’t overbook yourself during NYFW. While it can be tempting to say “yes” to everything you are invited to, it’s important to leave room for possibility. Take a break to explore the city and seek out new boutiques, secondhand shops and hole-in-the-wall gems that are easy to glance over if you’re rushing around. Make sure to block out time to eat proper meals, work out and even meditate if you choose—to truly enjoy NYFW, you want to be on your personal A game. It’s an incredibly fun opportunity to experience many different forms of art and people. Here’s to next season!



Catherine Claire is a stylist and fashion blogger who splits her time between Richmond, New York City and Los Angeles. She makes up one half of the duo at The Crystal Press and also curates content for Cathclaire and various media companies when she’s not listening to pop music. Catherine believes that every moment should be savored, style, and shared, and hopes to inspire you to do the same.





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