The Brazilian lingerie start-up that should be on your radar
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

With eye-catching visuals and a dedicated global following on Instagram way ahead of its launch, this digital savvy intimates brand from Brazil is one-to-watch. WGSN Senior Editor Carlene Thomas-Bailey reports

Nov 23, 2015


As someone who spends a lot of time looking at Instagram for work, I know that presentation is key, especially for new brands trying to launch themselves in the retail space. And, while making clothes hang nicely in a photo is one thing, when it comes to lingerie and intimates it can be more difficult to get the right shot.

You need to show luxury, comfort and fit all from a single image.

If your products are made of lace or fishnet, you need to show the consumer that the products are beautiful but also robust, and if you work with cotton and stretchy fabrics, you need the product to still look alluring. While holiday season themed velvet styles need to look luxe not cheesy.  In the age of Instagram this is even more important for new and established lingerie brands. That’s why I’m really impressed by the new Brazilian intimates line that is currently in soft launch mode.

Joo ( is making waves on Instagram at the moment, and it’s all because of the visuals.

This new lingerie brand has created product shots, which are beautiful collages of their product- bras, pants and petticoats, mixed with graphics and illustrations. It looks more art school moodboard than standard product/press shot, and that’s why it works. The vibe is cool and casual, and better yet the brand goes one step further, by offering styling ideas as part of an outfit. Describing their particular brand of lingerie as chic but laid-back; Joo is definitely one to watch, I can’t wait for the full launch.

INTIMATES, IN DETAIL: For in-depth details on all the lingerie brands coming out of Brazil and information on what future trends are going to be huge, head to WGSN. Our ridiculously clever Intimates team have all the intel you need.

  • Janeti

    Maravilhosas e elegantes!!!

  • Barbara

    OK, it’s nice, it’s new… But they only have 3k followers, 50 likes or so on each pic and not even hash tags to be that knowing. How are them making waves? The content is very cool though, but this post seems paid. I wanna advertise my brand on Bob as well…

  • Barbara

    Wgsn ***


    It really is one to watch.

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