The Beauty-Full Week: 5 Halloween makeup looks to try this year

I’ve never been one for fancy dress – too much hassle for one night I’m afraid –  and my wardrobe doesn’t exactly lend itself to costumes that would blow the competition out of the water. Where I can be bothered, however, is in the makeup department – transforming a simple black outfit into something worth taking note of.  Now, I’m not claiming that I’m some sort of makeup aficionado, far from it in fact, but I can give it my all when trying to replicate the work of those that are. So for this Halloween, I’m looking to some of the most inspirational brands and vloggers going, for a twist on the season that’ll help me to stand apart from the norm.

1. Stranger Things’ Barb – My Pale Skin Blog: 

mypaleskinblog 3 copy

No one can deny the popularity of Netflix’s hit of the year, a thrilling, 80s nostalgic, science-fiction horror created by the Duffer Brothers, that had everyone on tenterhooks for however long it takes to binge watch eight episodes. (About a day and a half for me if I really give it my all). One of the main pulls has to be the eclectic array of characters, each unique and ever so slightly weird, but there’s one in particular that continues be much loved, Barb. Despite only appearing in three episodes, and being fairly mute for most of that, she captured the world’s heart with her outsider persona and a style that wouldn’t go amiss on the streets of Dalston circa 2016, and as a result Barb is all anyone wants to be for Halloween. Luckily Em Ford of My Pale Skin Blog tells us all exactly how to replicate said look in her YouTube tutorial here, complete with classic eighties’ blue eyeshadow and instructions on how to get that hair just so.

2. Mermaid Goals – Anastasia Beverly Hills: 

anastasia beverley hills copy

As mythological creatures of the deep go, mermaids have a confusing rep, alluring and seductive but with a lethal, jealous bite – so say the likes of Harry Potter and Peter Pan anyway. For Halloween they’re a costume just waiting to happen, lending themselves to a level of glamour whilst keeping the scare in scary. To re-create, think pearls, pearls pearls – stuck all over the face and dotted through the hair. Pair with scales, cleverly created by applying iridescent make-up over a pair of fishnets stretched across the face, and contour with colours of the ocean. The result will hopefully be akin to this look from Anastasia Beverly Hills, whose how-to guide can be found here if my directions don’t quite cut it.

3. I’m Melting – Desi Perkins: 

desi-perkins-melting-skull allure

A melting face seems to be a hot trend this Halloween – and it takes some serious commitment to achieve. Desi Perkin’s version is perhaps my favourite – pairing, as it does, a wonderfully decadent eye with a skull design that peeps through a mess of melting skin. The latter is created in a wonderfully DIY manner, heating bottles of Mehron Fleshtone 3D gels and carefully pouring them over one side of the face for a realistic dripping effect. The result is pretty mesmerizing, and almost tricks you into believing it’ll be easy to achieve, but I can just see myself actually burning my face whilst trying to make it look as though it is. Not winning.

4. The Wisecrack – Illamasqua: 

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 12.45.44 PM

Clowns are terrifying at the best of times, especially at the moment, but at Halloween it’s always a fail safe option, allowing you to go down myriad routes from the Joker to mimes. I’m personally a big fan of the latter, as I happen to have an outfit that I drag out every year that lends itself perfectly to the challenge, but Illamasqua’s Wisecrack version is a step up from my usual tear drop artwork. With a stretched smile and eerily dark eyes that look like bottomless pits of evil, precision is key, along with a deeply pigmented blood berry hue that will make those lips look appealing enough to bite. On your head be it if you do.

5. Alien Queen – MAC’s Space Squad: 

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 12.47.05 PM

We can always rely on MAC for an assortment of top notch Halloween make-up ideas, and this year’s Space Squad theme is no exception. With everything from a Cyborg to a Space Vampire on the menu, you can be assured of individuality, but this Alien Queen look has to be my favourite. Think Avatar meets cheetah meets vampire – where glitter red lips and eyes are paired with sickly green skin and a graphic, skin-covering pattern. To simplify, look to the brand’s online tutorial – where a series of easy to re-create dots will achieve the same desired effect.

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