The Beauty-Full Week: Back to School Beauty Staples
By Theresa Yee

As the summer comes to an end and the new school semester starts again, here are the beauty products that will help you rock your first day back.

Sep 01, 2016


Back to school shopping shouldn’t just focus on new, shiny stationery supplies (pens, notebooks and binders), it’s also a great time to refresh your beauty regime with brand new products to see you through the season. Here are my top 5 A* grade worthy beauty essentials to pack in your school satchel this autumn.

1. Mani Marker
School’s favourite stationery tool, the marker pen, is inspiring new colour cosmetics. This nifty little Mani Marker nail polish from Ciate works just like a felt tip pen. The soft felt tip nib dispenses just the right amount of lacquer, so you can apply it to the fingertips in one easy stroke, without mess. There is five colours in the collection: a classic red, teal, deep indigo, hot pink and rich bordeaux. Art-meets-beauty.

2. Sketch Marker
Inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens, Too Faced’s new Sketch Markers are waterproof liquid liners packaged in a sleek and slim pen-like applicator with a drawing ink formula – which reminds me of the good old fountain pens I used at school. Like a pack of pens, it comes in a colourful rainbow palette ranging from bold pop art tones of orange, yellow, green and blue to everyday classics such as black and brown. It’s super easy to use thanks to the paintbrush-like flexible tip, so you can achieve various different effects from fine lines to a dramatic cat eye flick.

3. Felt Tip Lip Pen
Don’t get these mixed up with your highlighter pens! These vegan Lip Markers from Milk Makeup are shaped exactly like the fluorescent pens we all love, but are in fact opaque lip stains. The highly pigmented matte formula means that one swipe provides just the right amount of coverage, while the unique chiseled felt tip ensures precise application for long lasting colour that stays put until the school bell rings! Top marks for colour!

4. Flavoured Balms
A staple skincare essential for the school satchel bag, gym bag and even in your locker is Glossier’s cult Universal Skin Salve (a multi-purpose product that you can literally apply on dry lips, cuticles and rough patches) and it’s now available in four flavours: Rose, Cherry, Mint and Coconut. Called Flavoured Balm Dotcom, it comes with the same dense, waxy formula of the original product. A college campus must-have!

5. Cleansing Cloths
Taking your make-up off at the end of the day is a golden rule for good skin but long, late nights spent studying means it’s easy to forget sometimes. That’s why I recommend stocking up on a couple of packets of these Pixi Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths and leaving them right by your bedside to remove all traces of make-up quickly before hitting the pillow. Even better: these pre-moistened wipes are loaded with chamomile and grapeseed oil that will leave skin calm, soothed and fresh.

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The Beauty-Full Week: Back to School Beauty Staples

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