The Bandanna Almanac: Denim Repair
By Samuel Trotman

Jon from The Bandanna Almanac has been exploring the techniques and sentiment behind denim repair work.

Jun 04, 2013


A lot has been published about denim patch and repair work lately. All the boro patchwork trends hitting retail, runway and the streets have their roots in Japanese history…even if the brand or designer is unaware!

But true repair work driven by necessity, not fashion is a dying process. Not so in Osaka however, where our favorite denim enthusiast, Jon from The Bandanna Almanac has been exploring the techniques and sentiment behind denim repair work. Over the last few weeks, Jon has been spending time with Narita-San, of beautiful Japanese store Brown Tabby, to learn and in turn, pass on some simple hand-repair denim work for his readers.

The four-part series of posts tackles basic and common processes that every denimhead who’s worn their jean to death will have experienced. He takes the reader through front and rear patching, pocket repair and patching and then the hand-darn technique.

The hand-darn process is by far the most fascinating. A few of us might remember our grandmother darning socks when we were young, but it’s very much something that is no longer practiced. What with cheap garments readily available, nobody uses the “make do and mend” theory anymore. Denim, however is a different beast; we love our jeans and want to keep hold of them forever and ever, and all these basic processes can be implemented on a simple machine or by hand. So keep hold of old scraps, unleash your thrifty side and don’t throw that perfect pair away!

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