Tharis Sleeps: Amazing Embroidered Denim Video

We blogged about this exciting project a couple of months ago and now its out: please take 4 minutes of your time out today to watch the first ever, totally embroidered denim music video!

THRONE – ‘THARSIS SLEEPS’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Nicos Livesey on Vimeo.

The video has been produced by Nicos Livesy and his assistant director, Tom Bunker who have spent the last 7 months working on their concept for Throne’s sludgy stoner doom track ‘Tharis Sleeps’

So you might have seen our original post when the team were trying to secure a denim sponsor, and after helping them out and connecting them with leading Turkish mill, Orta, Nicos and Tom were able to complete the task and produce one of the most inspiring music videos we’ve seen in a very long time.

Brother Sewing UK gave them access to 3 industrial embroidery machines. Alongside this, Maderia Threads have also supplied all the thread for the epic project as well as Wilcom Embroidery giving access to their incredible embroidery software.

The task included creating 3,500 hand-drawn frames, 250 square metres of denim, 12 million stitches, 40 days of animation, 1,800 hours of digitizing, 3,500 hours of embroidering, and 500 hours of capturing.

We were at the private view last thursday, held at the Cob Gallery in Camden, London where the animators set up an impressive display of some of the amazing frames used to create the video. Throne played a live set and there were screenings of the video as well as the chance to buy a denim frame. Needless to say, it was a very busy night!

For those interested, here’s the synopsis of the video’s storyline: pretty spacey stuff…

Tharis is a volcanic region on Mars that is home to some of the largest volcanoes in the solar system. Terra forming is the theoretical process of deliberately modifying a planet’s atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the biosphere of Earth making it habitable by Earth-like life. By dropping a nuclear bomb into Mars’ volcano Tholus, Throne aim to erupt all the volcanoes on the red planet thus heating up the atmosphere and rising the icy seas that lie beneath its surface. Making Mars habitable and saving the human race from imminent self-destruction on their home planet, Earth. When things don’t go to plan Throne end up nuking themselves and haunt the red planet as ghosts whilst the planet turns into a psychedelic wonderland.

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