Tenue De Nimes Opens in Amsterdam
By Samuel Trotman

Dutch-based Tenue de Nîmes opens a second store in Amsterdam.

Nov 01, 2012


Between the 14 oz. store opening in Berlin last week and tomorrow’s blog post on a New York addition of Raleigh, this week is definitely the week of new denim stores. Today we shine light on leading Dutch denim store, Tenue De Nimes who has opened a second storefront in Amsterdam’s Haarlemmerstraat.

The impressive two story building is aimed to appeal to both ladies and gents – a welcome idea from Tenue De Nimes’ typical “Denim Dudes” only store.

The concept was developed by architect Pim van Lingen, interior designer Jacob Roeland, art director Joachim Baan, and Tenue de Nîmes founders Rene Strolenberg and Menno van Meurs. They aimed to create an updated concept consisting of separate men’s and women’s worlds (referred to as Tenue de Nîmes “Mesdames” and “Messieurs”).

The ladies’ area of the store is in the light and airy ground floor, with soft and pale furnishings and plenty of light. The basement is dedicated to the boys, with a darker and rougher aesthetic, described on the website as “a cross-over between 20th century boxing spirit and wooden design.”

Along with the garments, all the furniture in the store is for sale, making it even more aspirational. The jeans section of the new store is marked by a large denim wall made out of old wooden beams from the 19th century. The beams were sourced in Northern Netherlands and were once used as the legs of a traditional Dutch barn.

The Amsterdam storefront stocks a range of brands from Naked & Famous and Nigel Cabourn to Indigofera, LVC, and Acne. The store also features a window display by Double RL, created as a homage to the brand. The display features Double RL wardrobe essentials that draw inspiration from the iconic and hard-working lifestyles of laborers, ranchers, sailors, soldiers, and artisans.


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