Technology Will Save Us launches wearable tech kit
By Sarah Housley

You can now code-your-own wearable in just fifteen minutes with the pioneering tech brand’s new product. WGSN’s Sarah Housley reports

May 11, 2016

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Tech Will Save Us DIY Mover Kit

London-based DIY tech company Technology Will Save Us has announced a new product – its first in two years – and it’s all about wearable tech. Designed for “kids young and old” (wise wording, because we want in), the Mover Kit enables kids of 8 and up to code a small wearable device that responds to activity with different patterns of rainbow-coloured light.

Tech Will Save Us DIY Mover Kit

Tech Will Save Us DIY Mover Kit

Equipped with the LEDs, circuit board and rechargeable battery needed to put it together, plus a colourful snap-on band, the chunky device can be worn around the wrist, attached to a dog collar, snapped on to a scooter – there’s lots of possibilities to play with.

The company is also launching a new platform called Make, offering games and challenges to ensure that there’s plenty to do with the device after it’s first put together – a process that takes as little as fifteen minutes.

Tech Will Save Us DIY Mover Kit

Tech Will Save Us DIY Mover Kit

“We are on a mission to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands-on technology,” says Tech Will Save Us co-founder Bethany Koby. “Our award-winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids, and the adults that love them, to make, play, code and invent using technology.”

The Mover Kit is being supported through a Kickstarter campaign, which opened today and will run until 8th June 2016.

Opening up wearables into a DIY platform that curious makers can explore easily for themselves is a step in the right direction for the wearable tech category, which has so far struggled to find compelling use cases for products. As the tech becomes more available to play with, it’s possible that that elusive great use case could come direct from the consumer, rather than being dreamt up by a brand.

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