Meet your Future Consumer

May 21, 2020

— Story by Hannah Manton


Creating Tomorrow: What A to B looks like in the future

I wrote last week about what I’ve been buying during the pandemic – a note that mainly focused on socks and wine. Well, it …

Creating Tomorrow: what consumers want next

After months of Covid-19-dictated lockdown, countries are beginning to ease their restrictions, some slowly, some at faster rates, with U-turns and plenty of reflection …

Coloro + WGSN: Colour of the Year 2022 | Orchid Flower

Throughout, our S/S 22 key colours, we have balanced the desire for newness with the need for familiarity, with green, blue and yellow tones …

Coloro + WGSN: Key Colours S/S 22 | Atlantic Blue

Colour is a powerful tool that can be used to create a connection, evoke an emotion and stimulate the senses. In S/S 22 there …

Coloro + WGSN: Key Colours S/S 22 | Mango Sorbet

S/S 22 welcomes a world where consumers need to feel reassured and grounded will be paramount. Colour can play a key role here as …

Digital Human Connection

Digital Human Connection

Human to human As many people around the globe are physically isolated from one another, we are craving human connection more than ever. With …


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