Inside SXSW’s Wellness Expo: Four rising trends

Here at WGSN, we’re big into wellness – and this year, so is SXSW. Last year, we noted wellness as an emerging force within tech. This year, SXSW embraced the movement further, launching its first Wellness Expo, where dozens of vendors are showcasing the latest wellness products and services – some niche, some more ripe for the mainstream, from sexual healing oils to butter coffee. Here, we highlight the major trends and stand-out products from the event.

Spiritual self-care

Spirituality continues to entwine with millennial-minded wellness practices. New magazine The Fullest celebrates self-care and wellness with an intelligent, political edge. Describing itself as “bridging wellness and contemporary culture”, the magazine also operates an online shop, selling products including skincare, crystals, adaptogens and herbal supplements.

Spiritual sexuality is another rising trend. Wellness entrepreneur Lydia Rose operates wild + vibrant, a sexual ecology brand that sells herbal lubricant, smudge sticks, tincture blends and sexual ritual oils.

wild + vibrant

Personalised wellness

DNA nutrition companies are enabling consumers to find out more about their bodies, vitamin deficiencies and lifestyle stressors, and then offering vitamins and supplements to answer their specific needs.

Nutrigene makes liquid vitamins that are optimised to the consumer’s body composition, which it claims makes the vitamins up to ten times more effective.

Wellnicity offers at-home testing, followed by personalised wellness planning by expert clinicians. Its personalised pill packs are sent out to customers in four-week supplies, with daily dosage instructions printed right on to them so that they fit easily into everyday routines.


Hemp products

CBD oil and hemp-based products were impossible to miss across the Wellness Expo. From CBD vaping oils to CBD serum and hemp oil, this small but fast-growing sector of the wellness market has a number of facets.

Ladybird Provisions taps into edible hemp wellness with its Vegan Butter Bomb, which switches out collagen protein and butter for hemp protein and hemp milk instead, making it animal-free – and delicious. The “healthy coffee” bomb is promoted for its ability to focus the mind and to aid digestion.

Branch Basics

Healthy homes

Tapping into consumer desire to extend from clean eating into clean living, Branch Basics makes non-toxic cleaning products for the home. The multi-purpose plant-based concentrate can be used to do laundry, clean the home and even as a shower wash – so it can replace practically every cleaning product in one. The concentrate is sold along with a bottle, then mixed with water by the customer at home, to make the product and shipping process more sustainable.

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