Swedes Do It Better

Hey – it’s Eddie – I’m back in New York and it’s summer! Siren Festival this coming Saturday…bands outdoors on the waterfront in Williamsburg on Sunday…first of all though…I was just trying to remember – did I mention that I went to Stockholm??? xx

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  • IT’S JUST LIKE CANDY… YUM … wow… floored…. the beauty, the shoes…. it’s kinda fashion orgasmic

  • you have the best eye for finding simple, easy looks. i love it.

  • Ohmygosh, you’re coming to Siren?! That’s so awesome! I hope I see you there!!

  • Hi Allie – yes Siren! I hope the weather is nice. We should shoot your photo!

  • Yeah, I know. We’re the best. Simple as that.

  • manuelllla

    Well, no doubt swedes care about fashion a lot… but once you’ve been to stockholm a few times, you will notice how uniform people look and that a lot of them take fashion way too seriously!

  • Anonymous

    I liked all of the photos, and all of the outfits!!!

    good job stylesightings man!! aka Eddie.

  • pumpkin

    wood background + red lipstick = the hottest thing in stockholm

  • numeroo

    words can’t describe…Thank you!

  • I LOVED this set of photos. Soooo good. THank you.

  • Anyone know Nike’s blog address?

  • That would be fantastic!

  • rosemary

    DAMN i love swedish girls. these photos are wonderful, thank you!!! it’s a dose of streetstyle that will satisfy me for a while to come.

  • KH

    Your pics are AMAZING. Of course the people who created IKEA would be cool and fashionable. Their style is simple, but so thoughtful and i love the bursts of colour.
    Love your blog! thanks for sharing your travels and great eye for design.

  • Margot

    Where did you eat this??? It looks SO GOOD! Im in Stockholm now – I need to know so i can go there!!!

  • Eddie

    Hi Margot – that photo of the fish I had is from Lisa Elmqvist. It’s amazing! You should definitely go if you are in Sthlm. It’s inside the market hall known as Ostermalms Saluhall – they serve lunch only. It’s a fish market as well as a restaurant. Lonely Planet Sthlm guide named it as the restaurant to go to if you only have one day to spend in Sthlm. I’ve been several times. What I ordered is deep fried plaice with some sort of fried green and chips…it’s actually not deep fried at all but very lightly fried…with the crispy greens it almost comes off a bit tempura/Asian. Enjoy! xx eddie

  • totizzle

    they’re all so hot! there’s something about swedes that makes them so standoff-ish yet so sexy, they just have this natural appeal. good eye. i think my coworker is wearing a dress very similar to the red one today, haha!

  • voodoo lady

    Nothing like Stockholm in the summertime! Beautiful photos!

  • Becky

    These photos are, simply put, absolutely amazing! Love their style in Stockholm.

    It’s so inspirational to see what real people are wearing in real settings outside the U.S. Keep up the great work.

  • WOW you have a Wonderful site!
    i;m definately coming back! 🙂

  • datatickler

    I’m not even into fashion as I used to be, but these are damn fun to look at. And I don’t know any of these people, but it doesn’t matter…I’d blow any one of these up, throw it on my wall and call it fine art. The photographer absolutely loves what he does… you can tell by the sensitive lighting, atmosphere, dreaminess. Thanks a bunch for the eye candy;)

  • Cam

    Honestly, most of the people in the photos are “fashion-people”; stylists, fashion-blogers, fashion journalists. Not very street and not very authentic in the sense that you just happened to bump into them in the street.

  • those are some really reat shots, eddie!

  • suki

    wow what a feast of fashion goodness! 🙂 i so didn’t want this series to end and was delighted that i could keep on scrolling through. thanx for so many great shots – love seeing the city and food pix too! very cool summation of stockholm and excellent eye on the job. keep it comin’!

  • love the teased hair and the wide brimmed hats

  • They sure do!

  • ALB

    It’s true, sometimes, Sweden rocks.


  • Phenomenal.

    Every, last, one.

  • nice!

  • Umm…LOVE! God, Swedes do, do it better! Great pics!

  • Ane

    I love you blog and I read it frequently. But did you know that this blog is using a lot of your photos? http://guruizzm.blogspot.com/

  • Wow! Some amazing pictures and styles you posted ! So inspiring !!


  • This is amazing, how can they do this? They are just brilliant! Clothes is just not an issue up there!
    Love it!

  • Chanel

    These are only people who works with magazines in some way. Boring, every one looks the same. But god pictures. From someone who works with the same shit:)

  • This was a great site. I needed to find something for my Homework and This site helped me out so much! Thanx alot!!!!

  • I really love this photos! Stockholm is awesome.

  • I love all your pictures! Eddie, I miss your photos, will they ever return?? 🙁

  • rosie

    Love the pics! I don´t like the girl with all the dots plus the red hat though, do you really like her style Eddie??

  • Jolene

    wow 😀