Sustainable Style: Get Your Jewellery Caffeine Fix
By Dan Bisson

Sustainable, ethical, recycled and eco-friendly: jewellery brands are now creating cool designs that improve their carbon footprint.
WGSN’s Dan Bisson, Editor of Footwear and Accessories reports.

Mar 04, 2016

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Environmentally friendly materials, as well as fair-trade sourcing and manufacturing are more important than ever for a brands DNA, direction and vision. One designer who is very conscious of this, and designs with her carbon footprint in mind is jewellery designer Rosalie McMillan, who uses recycled coffee grounds called Çurface as a go- to material resource. Coffee grounds never looked so good!


McMillan collects the ‘Çurface’ (recycle coffee compounds) all over London, mixes them with oils and then heats and compresses them to form a unique and sustainable material.

Each jewellery piece is then carefully handcrafted to form delicate and feminine rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces.

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So the next time you order your double espresso, non-fat, soya latte with chocolate powder think about where the excess coffee grounds will go.

You never know the material could be used to make the bling around your neck.

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