Sustainability branding in a sceptical age

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In light of the swift actions governments around the world took in response to the pandemic, consumers are now expecting a similar level of drive with regard to the climate crisis. They are also adopting a more frugal mindset, appreciating the smaller things and living more mindfully.

Join our experts as we unpack what this tremendously challenging and complex topic means for brands and the role our industry can play in being part of the solution. Tune in to episode 24 of our Create Tomorrow podcast to hear us discuss how brands can respond to shifting consumer sentiments around sustainability.

Brand accountability

“It’s about putting information out there in a very human way, with very authentic language that says very honestly and simply what you’re doing and what you want to do. And when you don’t meet your expectations or goals, hold yourself accountable, because people do appreciate that.”

– Sarah Housley, Head of Consumer Tech, WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors

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Customer-first mindset

“Brands really need to look at that convenience sector. It’s really about not trying to create behaviour change but leaning into people’s current behaviours. Like milkman delivery services, particularly for beauty and food industries, which have increased recently. So tapping into habitual elements of how we engage with products is a key way to make it much more accessible and easy to use.”

– Emma Grace Bailey, Senior Strategist, WGSN Beauty

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Diversity in design

“The only way brands can create democratic products that serve the whole world – people and planet – is to bring more diversity into their design process to make sure that they’re not creating one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s also important to think about who and what community they’re serving, and to bring them into the design process.”

– Chloé Jerrard, Senior Consultant, WGSN Mindset EMEA

To hear the full discussion tune in to Episode 24 of our Create Tomorrow podcast, Sustainability Branding in a Sceptical Age on Apple and Spotify.

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