Survival Of The Fittest


Walking around the Fashion District in midtown Manhattan today – a messy, cold, and rainy day – I noticed that most everyone was dressed for comfort and warmth. New York is the most fashionable city in the US by some distance…even so, many New Yorkers feel the need to give in to comfort dressing when the weather turns a wee bit crap. Bad weather in fact seems to me to be one of the best ways of separating fashion’s men from the boys (so to speak). I shot the photos you see here yesterday in downtown Manhattan – an even colder day with a small amount of snow. These kids though stayed “on mission” fashion-wise. Not only did they not give into the temptation to dress for comfort, they seemed to use the weather as an excuse to ramp their fashion game up. Are you guilty of comfort dressing??? I’m laughing a bit as I’m typing this but it’s a serious affliction…





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  • Domio a la Mode

    I see a dupe on the legwear/stockings…Please advise where they come from???

  • Phina

    Who’s the grl in polka dots skirt??

  • MTL and hating it

    I totally dig what you are saying in terms of dressing for comfort and separating the ‘men from the boys’ fashion wise. But have you ever experienced a Montreal winter?? Brutally Cold. Way too much snow. Sometimes it rains on top of all the snow (hell freezes over). These conditions make anything other than bundling up like a snowgirl almost impossible :(!!! New Yorkers have nothing to bitch about… a few flurries should not stop you from dressing fine!

  • Anonymous

    The last girl looks like Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Hey – I don’t know who the girl is in the polka dot skirt.

    Lace tights – try Wolford, Calvin Klein Hosiery, or Urban Outfitters. You should also look at Topshop.com – they ship to the US now and have great lace tights and leggings.

    Montreal – snowgirl, yes. Please just be a fashionable snowgirl. “Comfort dressing” is really just a state of mind – a lazy state of mind. Think of Bardot and Vadim filming a movie with a ski lodge setting in ’66. What would Brigitte do?

  • the menace

    love the girl w/ the polka dot skirt

  • Everyone looks great! Way to overcome the elements!
    Something I’ve been trying to do since moving to Seattle 5 years ago is to resist this need to “comfort dress” that the city is forever afflicted with. I refuse to wear a North Face or Eddie Baur raincoat regardless of how wet and gray the weather is. I’ve spent alot of time cultivating a wardrobe that consists of pieces that get the job done while not sacrificing style. I have learned much more about the practicality of some fabrics (fleece does keep you warm and dry, much as I hate to admit it!) since being here, which will help in my design career, maybe!

    Bravo to these peeps who just wore it! It’s inspiring!