Sunshowers I'll Be Aiming At You

As I wheeled the bike down grey and rainy Alphabet City streets this morning, I felt certain that I would not be shooting any streetstyle photos today. A cloudy morning turned into a gorgeous and sunny afternoon however, so I roamed downtown and spotted these stylish individuals out and about.














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  • Andrea

    furry boots on a dorm-rat? you MUST be kidding. right?

  • Well she wasn’t a dorm rat – I think she was a British tourist. I try to be very selective with the photos that I choose to post or not post – but I also try to present a broad view of what’s stylish. This broad view will occasionally include “high-street” or mainstream looks, even though that may not be my personal taste.

  • Hi,

    I’m Sarah, the editorial assistant for Coutorture. I’ve been attempting to reach you but my efforts have yielded no result. Please contact me at sbconle@gmail.com.



  • are 3 girls wearing the same scarf? i can’t tell from the photos but if they are those middle eastern scarves from 2 years ago…kinda of a played out accessory choice for such stylish girls.

    to “Andrea”, yea, i get it…she’s not a hipster! but, so what?! i have this same argument my people that read my blog too. people just don’t seem to get the fact that there is a huge difference between fashion and style.

    this blog stems from a trend forecasting agency, right? and that girl is trendy, duh…

    i’m picking up what you’re putting down eddie(even though i still miss ashley).

  • As Frank Bober, Stylesight’s CEO says – “Fashion comes and goes, style lasts forever.” On this blog, I like to feature both sides of that coin – trendy, of-the-moment, fun fashion as well as timeless, classically stylish looks. You certainly see both as you make your way around New York.
    The scarves – I thought the same thing! It is a played out accessory choice for these stylish girls. Although I don’t think any of these are actually authentic keffiyehs – I think these are 2nd generation keffiyeh rip-offs inspired by the trend that happened a couple of years ago.

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