Studio Visit: Denim Therapy
By Samuel Trotman

The other week, we dropped by to our new friends, Denim Therapy in NY to get a pair of well-loved jeans repaired and to check out their repair studio

Aug 11, 2012


When we were in NY the other week, we dropped by to visit the guys at the fantastic Denim Therapy to get some repair work done and chat about their unique service.

Denim Therapy was set up by Francine Rabinovich six years ago when she had a favorite pair of jeans she couldn’t let go of. It took her a lot of time to seek out a seamstress to bring her jeans back to life to the standard she wanted and at that point she realized there were probably a lot of other people out there who might want the same thing.

She continued the business alongside her high-profile job in advertising for a while, until Denim Therapy became too successful and she left to set it up as a full-time operation. Since that time, Denim Therapy has mended the jeans (and no-doubt hearts) of thousands of denim lovers. The concept is quite simple but there are very few companies out there doing it particularly well. DenimTherapy take your old and destroyed pair of jeans and painstakingly color-match the indigo shade with a combination of threads, creating a barely-seen, perfectly repaired surface. There are repair services in many towns and cities around the world but seeing the work in person, close up, we’ve not seen a better repair job anywhere else.

The company is based in the garment district of Manhattan and Francine estimates that they repair about 900 pairs of jeans by hand on an industrial machine every month. Customers range from the ridiculously regular (one lady has sent in her jeans between 40-50 times for repair) to the obsessively particular to the rich and famous and Francine has received some heart-breaking and inspiring correspondance over the years. We all know that your favorite pair of jeans can mean so much and some of the requests even reference family tragedy woven into the indigo threads of a favorite pair. One denim designer even travelled from Ohio on his motorbike in person to verbally brief Francine on the repair of his treasured denims.

I came armed with a favorite Superfine jean from 2004 that had seen better days and as well as brilliantly mending the busted knee, they even embroidered my name above the coin pocket! Super cute.

The team here do alterations, repairs and even a bit of customization to fulfill the wishes of their growing client base. I loved meeting up with them and seeing their packed studio of indigo jeans and wish them every success in the future, they deserve to do well!


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