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Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing ad campaign changes according to real-time weather forecasts

Agency PHD have created a real-time digital campaign for the supermarket fashion brand that changes according to live weather updates. Nigel Taylor reports

Mon Purse: Helping consumers create their dream bag

Think of Mon Purse as the Build-A-Bear retail concept but for accessories and you'll see why the customised accessories line is so popular with consumers.

SXSW: Tech’s mindful mood

Meditation has a small but powerful presence at this year's conference, across start ups and brand activations. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

SXSW: Behind the scenes with Google & Levi’s connected clothing

Google and Levi's push wearable tech forward with a major announcement at SXSW. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

Will voice controlled gadgets be the future of tech?

WGSN Salon Series: The Future of Tech, What’s Next?

In our latest salon series, we unpacked the key tech ideas from CES, and talked about why you need to watch out for self-driving cars.

Nokia 3310: This #throwback phone is becoming a retail success story

The latest Nokia news proves that the consumer appetite for nostalgia is at an all time high. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Chinese Influencers: Internet celebrities (Wang Hong) vs bloggers

If you are a brand looking to work with an influencer in China, it's important to know the difference between Internet celebrities (Wang Hong) and bloggers.

How LG and Google made a smartwatch for creative types

The new LG watch styles were designed with creatives in mind, offering up style and substance.

Get to know tech infused fashion label Ab[Screenwear]

This fashion week we got to know Ab Screenwear, a New York-based luxury label creating covetable clothes that marry fashion with tech. WGSN’s Luke Tebbutt reports

Cellphone Couture? H&M and Google Present the Data Dress

The tech fashion future is almost here and it’s called Data Dress. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports.

Millennials are addicted to dating and good teeth count

Millennial dating is at an all time high, and the latest research from Match.com reveals what counts on a successful date. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports.

Benefit Cosmetics’ new brow translator wants to track your feelings

As retailers become more clued up about what emotions influence consumers to shop, Benefit has launched a tech-based brow emotions translator. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports.