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Wearable tech has become beautiful. So now what?

This was a quiet year for wearable tech at CES - but the products are better than ever. Where does the industry go next? WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

Here’s why all the robots at CES 2017 are hyper-cute

The tech trade show is populated with adorable home robots this year - and the timing is no coincidence. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports live from CES 2017

New Year, New Me, and My First Ever Smartphone?

Ever wondered what happens if you buy your first smartphone now, eight years after everyone else? WGSN's very-late-adopter Sarah Housley explains

CES 2017: What tech fans can expect from the trade show

New year, new gadgets and innovative launches from the Vegas trade show. WGSN's Sarah Housley has your preview.

Is Natalie Massenet planning to take up a new role at Farfetch?

Massenet and Farfetch in advisory link ahead of IPO suggests report. WGSN Global News Editor Nigel Taylor reports

#ICYMI DAY 18: VR Journalism is here and telling hard truths

Our WGSN editors reflect on the must-see moments, coolest concepts and key influencers of 2016. Today we discuss the future of journalism.

Rochambeau Mixes Wearable Tech With Experiential Retail

The #BornDigital BRIGHT BMBR combines menswear's most popular jacket with a technological twist. The limited-edition garment is also a digital key to exclusive experiences.

The New App that Pays You to Shop

How the former marketing director at eBay created an app that is a shoo-in for cash strapped millennial customers. WGSN’s Cassandra Napoli reports.

What you should be posting on Instagram now

What are the Instagram posting trends you need to be aware of at the moment? We offer up our predictions and tips.

Are fitness trackers losing their appeal?

When it comes to smart watches and fitness trackers, are these key accessories in the activewear retail market losing their allure? WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

eBay’s latest retail pop-up tracks shoppers emotions on camera

This holiday season for two days you can check out the eBay pop-up store, where biometric booths and cameras track your emotions as you shop. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

YOOX Net-A-Porter: How mobile commerce is dominating the luxury market

Consumers are turning to their phones more than ever this holiday season. Even in the luxury sector, m-commerce is the clear winner. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports