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Wellness and the future consumer

WGSN Futures London: 5 Key Ideas

From the age of anxiety to the mood market and caring with commitment, we explore five of the key ideas from WGSN Futures London 2017.

3 Beauty shopping apps in China you need to know

These Chinese beauty apps are growing in popularity and bridging the gap between gaming, fun filters and e-commerce. Guest blogger Ashley Galina Dudarenok reports

The Age of Artificial Intelligence in Retail: Customer Privacy and Other Ethical Dilemmas

We dig into the ethical dilemmas that will accompany the mass rise of AI, analysing how it will impact retailers and consumers. WGSN's Petah Marian reports

Tommy Hilfiger app for Gigi collection

Tommy Hilfiger releases Instagram-enabled shopping app for TommyxGigi in Europe

The US retailer has teamed up with PredictSpring, a mobile commerce leader, making it easier to shop the collection at the tap of a button. WGSN reports

Oasis Stores Invites Consumers to Press Preview for the First Time

WGSN Contributor Cassandra Mitrani reveals how womenswear brand Oasis Stores is breaking down the barriers between fashion industry and consumer.

Adidas Futurecraft sneaker

Adidas Futurecraft and the sneaker battle for 3D fashion

Evolving technology is pushing active footwear brands to develop new styles, with better performance. WGSN's Brian Trunzo explores this brave new world

Snapchat and Gen Z

Brands, Snapchat and Gen Z consumer habits – a new study

Snapchat and Gen Z: The social tool is used daily by teens as a key way to stay in touch with friends, but how can brands & marketers make their mark there? WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Adulting and the new banks for Millennials

A new wave of online banks like Monzo are appealing to a Millennial audience by positioning their product offering like a cool retail brand & making banking fun.

YelpEat24 powered food delivery robot tested in San Fran

Yelp Eat24 and the friendly neighbourhood robot who delivers your food

Yelp Eat24 tests out a delivery robot in San Francisco, powered by the courier robot company called Marble. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing ad campaign changes according to real-time weather forecasts

Agency PHD have created a real-time digital campaign for the supermarket fashion brand that changes according to live weather updates. Nigel Taylor reports

Mon Purse: Helping consumers create their dream bag

Think of Mon Purse as the Build-A-Bear retail concept but for accessories and you'll see why the customised accessories line is so popular with consumers.

SXSW: Tech’s mindful mood

Meditation has a small but powerful presence at this year's conference, across start ups and brand activations. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports