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Nike Adapt BB: Personalisation, connectivity and future footwear

Nike’s latest shoe innovation isn’t simply about advanced materials and boosters that improve performance. The new Adapt BB offering is, ultimately, about personalisation, and linking up shoe tech with the smartphone.

2019’s big growth area? Smart homes, waste reduction and keeping it simple

Smart home devices were among the hottest sellers for the Holiday season, but if you want to take advantage of consumer interest in new tech for the home in 2019, keeping it simple and functional is key. 

Fashion goes tech: Stella McCartney’s sustainable push

As we move into 2019, winning fashion brands will be those that prove to consumers that sustainable fashion doesn't have to mean a compromise on aesthetics. Stella McCartney speaks to WIRED UK on her part in the sustainable movement.

The year that fashion went viral: Lyst’s 2018 Year in Fashion Report

Lyst's Year in Fashion report is live. From the virality of Instagram, to this year's fashion influencers - it's a deep dive into the sartorial state of 2018. Here are the key takeaways.

Wendy Yu on the BoF China Prize and the 2019 trends-to-watch

Following the announcement of the $100,000 BoF China Prize in partnership with Yu Holdings, WGSN sat down with the investment company's millennial Founder and CEO Wendy Yu. One to watch, Yu was invited this year to join the prestigious Met Gala Committee, and was named as a 30 Under 30 by Forbes China.

New fashion frontiers: Vogue Paris Fashion Festival takeaways

The luxury industry insiders met in Paris this weekend to discuss a more strategic future—the theme of this third edition of the Vogue Paris Fashion Festival was “new fashion frontiers”, with a goal of broadening the luxury world’s mindset.

Purple Tuesday: A step towards accessible retail

Disability organisation Purple is behind 'Purple Tuesday', the UK's first accessible shopping day. Pushing inclusive design, it's something we've been tracking here at WGSN.

Singles’ Day: A record take, but growth rate slows for Alibaba

While Singles' Day – the world’s biggest online sales event – is still recording double-digit gains for Alibaba, this year’s annual growth rate actually dropped to its slowest-ever. WGSN reports.

Male grooming and the ‘Love Island effect’

While the beard trend shows no sign of slowing down, it seems that male hair removal elsewhere is on the rise. Is the 'Love Island effect' responsible?

Ethics and values: On selling to Gen Z

There was a time when buying products was about little more than, well… buying products. But today, it seems that it’s all wrapped up with consumers’ political and social outlooks as well.

The future of menswear: Selfridges’ Designer Street Room

Tying in with both the rise of experiential retail, and the consumer appetite for drop-focused product launches, Selfridge's revamped menswear space is open.

Asos moves early to launch voice shopping with Google as market is poised for growth

Asos has just become one of the earliest fashion retailers to launch voice with Google, so its customers can now browse the latest products across its top categories using just their voice.