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Fashion Retail: The feminist agenda

As part of a new body of research from WGSN Analytics, identifying the new retail events that matter to today’s consumer, we’ve taken a …

WGSN curation: Introducing The Trend Feed

Our editors around the world are constantly searching for, building and shaping the trends that help form our content. For the first time, we're giving you firsthand insight into this process. Introducing, The Trend Feed.

Fashion Retail: Events that matter

In a volatile marketplace, fashion retailers are increasingly challenged with attracting and retaining consumers who are overwhelmed with choice and have unprecedented access to …

Yoox private label due soon, created using data and AI plus human touch

Get ready for an announcement about a Yoox private brand in the very near future, driven by data insight and artificial intelligence.

Colour of the month: Scarlet Alert

Originally piquing our interest back in back in 2016,  scarlet red cements it’s importance for the season ahead. Your colour of the month is Scarlet Alert.

Social sharing: Dior triumphs in Fashion Month media value

Fashion Month is officially over and, as always, some collections provide more of a talking point than others. According to agency InfluencerDB, Dior was the biggest winner of S/S 19.

Zara: Retaining product integrity

In a market plagued by overstock and consequent persistent promotions, protecting margins where possible is integral for survival in fashion retail. So how does …

Black Friday: It’s a gift

Black Friday’s worth is due to its proximity to Christmas, as consumers seek to save; capitalising on Black Friday deals for Christmas gifting. When …

Black Friday: Understanding Demand

As the concept of Black Friday matures across marketplaces globally, discounting is no longer a novelty but the norm for retailers in what has …

Black Friday: Curated experience essential in crowded market

Black Friday discounting has been the norm in the US, and its adoption is picking up in the UK where the market is becoming …

Colour of the month: Soft yellow

Although traditionally a difficult commercial colour within retail, the course of the summer has seen a serious shift within consumer attitudes, and a move towards adopting all things bright. With WGSN’s soft yellow leading the way.

Lessons Learnt S/S 18: Overstock

As each season draws to a close, our data and fashion analysts at WGSN Analytics Division put together their strategies for success for the …