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How Chinese brand CH’IN is rebranding for the modern consumer

How do you innovate for the modern day consumer? We caught up with Creative Director of Chinese brand CH’IN to discuss the label's rebranding

Digital assistants, the evolution of voice recognition and what it means for brands

Are consumers ready to speak exclusively to machines? And how are companies preparing for this societal shift? WGSN explores.

Marni's luxury accessories and new stores

Is luxury winning the accessories consumer with stand-alone stores?

Luxury accessories are benefiting from a renewed focus thanks to brands launching a whole host of stand alone stores targeted at the accessories consumer.

Paper Mache Tiger- fashion showroom in Angel

An unexpected retail model: Fashion showrooms evolving into stores

The idea of the traditional fashion showroom is changing. Moving beyond an industry-only space, showrooms are opening up as retail stores for consumers.

Thursday night in London: Blogging, Instagram and home offices

It was a busy week in London with new retail store openings and retail talks about the future of work, from home offices to working remotely on your phone.

Why diversity is good for business: It’s a social and economic win-win

In her new book Diversify, June Sarpong MBE makes the strong business case for diversity & the numerous benefits companies reap from a diverse top table.

The 2017 Kering Talk: Gucci goes fur-free, shaping a sustainable future

Last night both Kering and the London College of Fashion came together to announce how they plan to design a more conscious future for fashion.

eBay’s new London concept space explores the science of why we shop

Mind technology, brainwaves and the shopping research of consumer habits is being explored by the new eBay space in London.

Business tips from kristina

7 business tips for a happier life from kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson

The most successful people have the best morning routines. Here kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson shares her business tips to start the day with a smile.

Disney stores will look like theme parks

Disney converts stores to experience centres that reflect their theme parks

Disney stores of the future are set to look more like your favourite theme park than regular brick and mortar. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Reserved fashion- Kate Moss fronts campaign

Can Reserved make its mark in the UK?

A new retailer has hit the British high street, but just how well will Reserved fashion fare with the consumer? WGSN reports on this new contender

NYFW- packaging ideas

Inspiring Packaging Ideas: New York Fashion Week edition

Modern branding inspiration: from fashion week zines to Not Safe For Work (NSFW) perfume bottles, this NYFW offered up a plethora of packaging ideas.