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The Rise of Brand Activism

Could the corporations we love to vilify emerge as the new people’s champion and protector of freedoms? WGSN's Richie Grantham reports

The New App that Pays You to Shop

How the former marketing director at eBay created an app that is a shoo-in for cash strapped millennial customers. WGSN’s Cassandra Napoli reports.

Routine Isn’t Lethal or The Enemy… It’s Key to Living Better

WGSN Guest Blogger Bianca Bass explains why a little routine in your creative life is a good thing.

This is how retailers should cater to the Gen Z shopper

Gen Z consumers are emerging as the largest target demographic, and this is what you need to know to make your brand a hit with them. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Technology and the politics of hope

Today’s Web Summit took on a sombre mood as the technology industry grappled with the results of the US election.

A New App for Jet-Setting, Instagram Addicts

Live from Web Summit in Portugal, one of the coolest tech developments is a new app that merges travel, Instagram-worthy imagery and peer recommendations.

MIT scientist Says Consumer Desire Is Shifting Towards Intangible Goods

Live from Web Summit in Portugal, we reveal how consumer behaviour is shifting away from a desire for resources/products and goods to less tangible things.

Why retailers need to think like start-up companies

What keeps retailers awake at night? IBM's Andrew Grill reports on the global impact of digital disruption and how businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

5 Things We Learned From DiCaprio’s New Film: Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor-turned-activist is using his movie Before the Flood to tackle the pressing issue of climate change. WGSN contributor Robin Torres reports

Social media brand strategy: What you need to know

Digital natives Annelise Sealy and Anika Simon from 6pmmarketing, reflect on the state of social media today and key brand lessons.

5 reasons why you will love WGSN Insight

Meet the new go-to source for creative thinkers shaping the consumer marketplace. Innovation starts here.

A secret summit only the industry knows about: welcome to WORLDZ

The invite-only event garnering attention for being a "Harvard for culture". Step inside WorldZ for a few key learnings from some of the world's biggest brains.