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Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang succesful collab

Adidas’ secret weapon? The active brand is always in beta (never quite finished)

From Cannes Lions 2017, adidas revealed how the brand is winning in the activewear market & why it operates more like a tech company than a sportswear one. WGSN's Sarah Owen and Laura Saunter report.

Supermarket Superheroes: How Supermarket Fashion is Winning Retail

From George Asda to Sainsbury's Tu, the supermarket aisle is now a style hub. Here's the retail data tracking the trend on supermarket fashion.

WGSN at Cannes Lions 2017

WGSN @ Cannes Lions 2017: Where to catch our Trendtalks

Keen to get those creative juices flowing and get the lowdown on the upcoming key trends? Join WGSN editors at Cannes Lion 2017 for all the intel.

Style.com closes

Condé Nast axes Style.com, inks deal with Farfetch

Style.com closes as Condé Nast announces a global partnership with Farfetch - the luxury e-commerce site with corresponding editorial content. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Wellness and the future consumer

WGSN Futures London: 5 Key Ideas

From the age of anxiety to the mood market and caring with commitment, we explore five of the key ideas from WGSN Futures London 2017.

LA: Boss lady meet up

There’s never been a better time to be a boss lady

Interested in becoming a boss lady? Chelsea Sonksen reveals why now is the time to harness the global network of women who are keen to support your dream.

Barry M angel Laura - beauty influencer

Barry M: How the cosmetics brand uses social media to stand out from the crowd

Barry M, has created a stand out beauty business, with products that dazzle their youthful target audience and aim to be good for the environment.

Creative Minds; Business Brains: Interior Designer Ariane Steinbeck

Ariane Steinbeck, MD of design group RPW, talks to WGSN's Carla Buzasi about what it takes to really succeed in interior design.

quip toothbrush delivery service

The New Dental Health for our Instagram Age- No Filter Needed

From Quip (aka the Netflix of toothbrush delivery) to the Insta-worthy decor at Grand Street Dental, the battle for Millennial teeth has never looked better. WGSN Contributor Cassandra Mitrani reports

Adulting and the new banks for Millennials

A new wave of online banks like Monzo are appealing to a Millennial audience by positioning their product offering like a cool retail brand & making banking fun.

Content lessons we’ve gleaned from the original fashion bloggers

From Style Bubble to Disney Roller Girl, the original blogs have evolved to become go-to smart fashion sites with informed content, they can teach us a lot.

Moscow's Fashion Factory

Moscow’s Fashion Factory: Educating the next generation of design talent

Moscow’s Fashion Factory talks about their innovative education programme and the current state of the industry in Russia. WGSN's Sara Maggioni reports.