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Tiffany’s new London store: A focus on experience

Tiffany's new store in London's Covent Garden marks another step in luxury's attempt at relaxing its offering. Dubbed Style Studio, it’s less about the grand and the traditional and more about an intriguing, relaxed shopping experience.

Fashion retail success: What’s love got to do with it?

With the volatility of the market disrupting the traditional rules of brand to consumer courtship, we mapped data from Barometer, our proprietary consumer data tool to understand the changing dynamics.


The future of interiors: 2018 and beyond

For the third year in a row, WGSN have partnered with eporta, the world's number one interiors sourcing platform for trade professionals. Together, we combine our knowledge of the industry to build a bigger picture, and create a narrative behind the trends.

Experiential retail: A first look at Hong Kong’s K11 Musea

Shopping malls and museums aren’t normally destinations that we think of as being complementary, but Asian developer New World Development is clearly thinking differently, and last week unveiled its K11 Musea project.

Colour of the month: Electric Lilac

WGSN predicted Electric Lilac as a trend for this season back in 2016. This month, our predictions were confirmed. Take a look at how this tone has become the colour of the month. WGSN reports.

Fashion Retail: Four market shifts that have changed consumers’ expectations forever

WGSN Analytics Division’s new white paper “Fashion Retail: New Measures of Success” is now live, uncovering the new ways to succeed in the dynamic and evolving fashion retail industry.

Inclusivity: Its rising importance in the US fitness market

Plus size shoppers in the US now have more choice than ever when it comes to clothing. Boosted by the rise of plus size influencers such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, retailers have needed to respond to these growing demands.

The future of shopping malls: Experiences, versatility and tech

It's no secret that shopping malls are facing multiple challenges, but just what is it they need to do to transform their fortunes and ensure longevity? Fundamental changes in consumer shopping behaviour aside, a new survey has come up with some suggestions. 

SROI: Strategies for success in the digital age

In the age of Instagram, Twitter, and Internet virality, SROI has only grown in importance – and become increasingly hard to achieve. Here's how to measure the success of SROI campaigns.

smart mirror

MasterCard smart mirror: A ‘virtual personal shopper’ set to take payments

MasterCard in the UK has unveiled a changing room that allows shoppers to pay for their items through a mirror. The company is promising 40% less time in the fitting room and speedier shopping “guaranteed”. WGSN Insider reports.

Fitness & activewear: How to avoid sinking in a saturated market

Ahead of next week’s Big Issues: Activewear report for our subscribers, we identify three strategies that retailers need to be reacting to in the next six months in order to capitalise in this fiercely competitive industry.


Very: Creating a unified proposition

As Shop Direct announces Very Exclusive will migrate to Very to unify their fashion proposition, we take a look at our proprietary retail and consumer data platforms, Instock and Barometer to analyse the challenges the e-tailer will face to ensure a successful transition.