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Influencer power panel at NRF

Retail CEOs look to Influencer power to future-proof their business

One of the key panels at this year's NRF Retail Big Show 2017, was all about the power of Instagram influencers and their impact on the retail industry.

WGSN Salon Series: Are Brands the New Revolutionaries?

For the latest installment to our series, we tasked industry leaders in the ad world with sharing their thoughts on whether brands have a responsibility to take a political stance. WGSN’s Cassandra Napoli reports.

The Rise of Brand Activism

Could the corporations we love to vilify emerge as the new people’s champion and protector of freedoms? WGSN's Richie Grantham reports

IT RAN: The first magazine composed entirely of ads

In the name of creativity and a good cause, a magazine is born dedicated solely to advertisements. WGSN's Sarah Owen interviews the agency behind the campaign.

Americana Manhasset: A Hidden New York Retail Gem

How this storied shopping centre adds a dose of big city allure to an otherwise sleepy suburban community. Cassandra Napoli reports.

3 key retail lessons from cult 1980s movie Mannequin

The 1987 movie with Kim Cattrall is a cult hit, but it also reveals some serious lessons about how to innovate your retail business in the current climate

Why are your favourite fast food joints now stocking candles?

Taco Bell and Virtual Reality, KFC stocking scented candles: fast food and the future of brand engagement. WGSN reports

Canal Street Market Is Changing the Retail Landscape of Downtown Manhattan

WGSN's Retail Editor Sidney Morgan-Petro reveals how this brand new multi-vendor marketplace is transforming the retail landscape in Manhattan.

5 Things We Learned About Black Friday This Year – As Told By The Data 

WGSN's Retail editor analyses the data around one of the busiest shopping days and offers up key takeaways about consumer behaviour.

eBay’s latest retail pop-up tracks shoppers emotions on camera

This holiday season for two days you can check out the eBay pop-up store, where biometric booths and cameras track your emotions as you shop. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Why brands need to give more thought to their packaging

In the age of Instagram brand packaging has never been so important, as consumers are looking for a memorable brand experience.

YOOX Net-A-Porter: How mobile commerce is dominating the luxury market

Consumers are turning to their phones more than ever this holiday season. Even in the luxury sector, m-commerce is the clear winner. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports