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How Chinese brand CH’IN is rebranding for the modern consumer

How do you innovate for the modern day consumer? We caught up with Creative Director of Chinese brand CH’IN to discuss the label's rebranding

Digital assistants, the evolution of voice recognition and what it means for brands

Are consumers ready to speak exclusively to machines? And how are companies preparing for this societal shift? WGSN explores.

Topshop and Topman in Stranger Things deal as they tap into Netflix youth appeal

A Topshop Stranger Things creative collaboration is coming, complete with an Instagram worthy in-store experience. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Marni's luxury accessories and new stores

Is luxury winning the accessories consumer with stand-alone stores?

Luxury accessories are benefiting from a renewed focus thanks to brands launching a whole host of stand alone stores targeted at the accessories consumer.

Paper Mache Tiger- fashion showroom in Angel

An unexpected retail model: Fashion showrooms evolving into stores

The idea of the traditional fashion showroom is changing. Moving beyond an industry-only space, showrooms are opening up as retail stores for consumers.

These brands are proving how valuable social media is

Companies continue to embrace social media for brand promotion and to create global conversations. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

Is Phoebe Philo set for a Céline exit? The rumours are rife

Despite LVMH’s soft denial, fashion rumours are flying around suggesting that British fashion designer Phoebe Philo is set to leave Céline. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Thursday night in London: Blogging, Instagram and home offices

It was a busy week in London with new retail store openings and retail talks about the future of work, from home offices to working remotely on your phone.

Antwerp and Amsterdam shopping

Antwerp and Amsterdam retail trip: 4 notable boutiques we love

Love Antwerp and Amsterdam shopping adventures? Then check out these boutiques which offer up full lifestyle products, sustainable retail and more

Beyond beauty: The rise of new hybrid spa and health centres

Not your average beauty treatment. Consumers demand more transparency from beauty treatments, as they become more concerned with their overall wellbeing.

Why diversity is good for business: It’s a social and economic win-win

In her new book Diversify, June Sarpong MBE makes the strong business case for diversity & the numerous benefits companies reap from a diverse top table.

The 2017 Kering Talk: Gucci goes fur-free, shaping a sustainable future

Last night both Kering and the London College of Fashion came together to announce how they plan to design a more conscious future for fashion.