Sons of the First Tribe: Streetwear, inner thoughts and reality collide

Sons of the First Tribe

Think you have seen all that youth clothing has to offer? Think again.

Meet Mosh Balogun and Femi Falola, co-founders of Sons of the First Tribe (SOFT). A brand that mixes imagination and the reality of day to day life, examined through the lens of streetwear.

Behind the youthful aesthetic the message is actionable, ‘remind people that they have more power over their lives than they think, encouraging them to tap into their inner creative powers.’

With an increase in ‘Pride & Politics’ and a demand for brands to create awareness around topical subjects, the creators of SOFT have been forward thinking when reaching their consumers and stand firm in the collection being there to create a new way of thinking.

After recently launching their second episode (collection) and having a pop-up store in Shoreditch, East London, I caught up with Mosh to find out what sets them apart from the crowd and how each collection explores and celebrates different forms of creative expression.

Sons of the First Tribe- episode 2

This is Sons of the First Tribes second episode (collection). What are the differences in each collection’s pop-up store?

Our Episode 1 pop up store was in an art exhibition room. Art pieces were for sale from talents like @funnytummyart and @butlerarchive. Our episode 2 pop up fell in Cannes season, so it was only right we dived head first into the powers of film! We made our own short film which was a really dope (great) experience. I was even tasked with holding the sound microphone on the day of the shoot (laughed). We just really wanted to appreciate what it takes to make the things we all love but take for granted.

Why all black for your collections?

A tribe has to have a uniform or something which makes them identifiable right? We just choose to paint on a black canvas for now. But who knows what the future holds.

How do you find yourself different from other up and coming streetwear brands?

SOFT wasn’t born out of any fashion boxes or trends. The brand comes first and SOFT is a mindset, a new way of thinking reminding us that our inside mirrors our outside; change your thoughts, change your world. The clothes we create is secondary to that New Thought philosophy.

Sustainability is huge at the moment and by 2020 set to be standard. Is this on your radar?

It’s very important to us as a new emerging brand within the UK that we understand where our clothes are made. We feel very responsible in every part of the development and also in regard to sustainability. We make all our clothes here in London and we are very involved with every step of the production process and we’re proud that it’s a creative, fun and fair process for all parties involved.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?

Hmmm this is a toss-up between the big zip bomber jacket and the superbowl hoody. I think I may go for the superbowl hoody. It features our ‘I am’ mask logo protecting himself in an American football helmet. I like this piece because the design is really open to interpretation.

The SOFT pop-up store, London

What are the next biggest trends you see for streetwear?

Cropped trousers seem to be really big right now. Bigger and bolder logos and font types are also all the rage. Oversized tees and shirts don’t seem to have really gone anywhere either. Floral and sailor striped printed fabrics I’m seeing more and more of. We have a one fresh design in the works that is bound to be copied straight away. We will be sure to show it to you guys first.

What’s next for episode 3 and the future of Sons of the First Tribe?

Ah, well to keep with the trend it will be themed on another creative field. But it won’t be like film trilogy’s where the third isn’t as good as the first or second.

We’re just going to keep reminding people that they have more power over their lives than they think, encouraging them to tap into their inner creative powers. As for the clothes, we have several online drops planned for the summer including the return of our long line tees and the Policia Estado series. We also have a capsule collaboration dropping soon with an extremely talented musician, so keep an eye out.


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