Son Of A Stag: Issue One Of New Journal
By Samuel Trotman

The guys over at Son of a Stag have launched their first ever newspaper called Son of a Stag Journal.

Jun 19, 2014


The guys over at Son of a Stag have launched their first ever newspaper called Son of a Stag Journal.

Nowadays, it seems that simply having a bricks and mortar presence is only half the story: retailers are exploring a 360¬į¬†experience to compliment their tangible stock and engage with their customers. This can involve everything from an online presence using blogs and tumblrs, social media sites such as facebook and instagram as well as printed magazines and in-store events.

East London based Son of a Stag are known for their heritage-driven aesthetic and appreciation for handcrafted products, so it came as no surprise that their stunning newsprint paper perfectly reflected this attitude.

The Journal was created to give both existing customers and denim enthusiasts an insight into the world surrounding this legendary east London based denim store; in fact the content includes regular customers and characters from the local denim scene. The cover features Simon Erl, a local famous Tattooist and the matte pages tap other inspirational figures and talents such as Ed Mosley, Tom Griffiths and attendees from the recent Men’s File/ Clutch party held at Son of a Stag last month.

Other features include a piece on ECC (Experimental Cocktail Club) in Chinatown, and a helpful, step-by step guide on shink to fit denim as well as a feature at the back, showcasing hand-picked local purists wearing their denim on the streets surrounding S.O.A.S’s Drays Walk location.

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