Somnex | The Sleep Show: Five relaxing highlights

Sleep is a key focus for the wellness industry and consumers, and is an area that we have been tracking for some time here at WGSN. Held in East London’s Shoreditch, Somnex is the first ever exhibition dedicated to sleep-health, showcasing new products and tech innovations from over 120 companies from the sleep industry. Products ranged from natural herbal solutions to high-tech cooling pillow pads, demonstrating the breadth of this growing market. Here are five sleep products that stood out from the crowd on our visit.


Snoooze: Natural sleep drink

Snoooze is a calming drink that helps to promote sleep and support natural sleep cycles. Tapping into the consumer demand for more natural wellness products, the drink is made from herbs that encourage sleep, including valerian, lemon balm and Californian poppy.


This Works: Sleep Power Nap Spray

Tapping into the current interest in napping (even at work), This Works has created a new product for its sleep spray range that is designed especially for napping. The spray contains lavender, vetivert and camomile, helping users to drop off to sleep quickly to maximise on rest and recovery during a short nap, and create a boost in daytime performance.

Inhere Studio: Meditation Pods

London-based meditation studio Inhere has launched meditation pods that provide a quick, convenient moment of calm, even in busy or noisy spaces. The pods feature a fringe curtain, giving privacy while still creating a sense of openness, and contain in-built headphones so users can listen to meditation sessions while relaxing on the meditation chair.

SonicTonic: Sound therapy app

The SonicTonic app uses sound therapeutically to relax and calm, even when on the move. Each SonicTonic is a sound remedy that lasts around 10 minutes and focuses on helping with a specific issue, whether that’s helping the user to achieve deep sleep or to deal with anxiety. To do this, each programme combines different audio techniques or “ingredients”, including binaural beats, ASMR and isochronic tones.

Moona: Smart temperature control

Allowing users to experience the cool side of the pillow on demand, the Moona smart system regulates the user’s temperature via a smart pillow pad. The water-filled pad cools at night to help the user go to sleep, and warms up in the morning as a calmer alternative to an alarm clock. The system is also connected to an app that gathers sleep data and helps provide tailored tips on how to improve sleep.

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